Monday, 9 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 9

I went over to Ashridge Estate today - the National Trust property near Berkhamsted to meet my friend Lynn for a walk and lunch.
Our walk took us through the bluebells at Dockey Woods which are still looking fantastic

They provided the perfect back ground for today's outfit - a dress from a Prima pattern in stretch cotton.  Not really walking gear, I accept, but it was only a gentle stroll.  
I was attempting a 'Victoria Beckham' pose, but I couldn't stop laughing, which kind of defeats the object.
After our walk, and lunch in the cafe, we went to see the exhibition in the visitors centre.  Its part of a national collaborative exhibition organised by the National Trust and the Embroiderers Guild to celebrate 300 years of Capability Brown.  
Ashridge are exhibiting work by three EG branches - Aylesbury, Hertfordshire, and North Herts and Beds, which is the one I belong to.  
Mine is the one at the far left, here's a close up before it was stretched onto a canvas
I took several photos of Ashridge House at dusk in the winter, and joined them up in Photoshop, then printed them onto cotton fabric. The trees are photographs that I also took in the Estate grounds and printed onto organza.  They were the collaged with hand dyed silk and other recycled fabrics and hand stitched.  If you look carefully, you can see offcuts of fabric from yesterday's top!
If you are interested in Capability Brown/Embroiderers Guild exhibitions near you, you can find a list of participating National Trust properties HERE


  1. Love your dress, and your piece in the exhibition.

  2. You look fabulous in that dress... Much nicer than Victoria Beckham. Love your Capability Brown landscape too!

  3. You look great. The exhibition looks pretty good too.

  4. Glad you liked the exhibition, I loved your piece. You look pretty glam in you flowery frock. Very impressed with all your makes.

  5. Gorgeous dress, Gill. And lovely photo's. Great to hear you are pleased with the exhibition, your work is fab. x