Monday, 2 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 2

Another day of beading at the Stapleford Flower Festival with ladies from the beading group I belong to - and another Emery Dress  This is the first one I ever made a couple of years ago, in black and white gingham .....

 trimmed with a couple of strips of Matryoshka doll fabric
The dress actually fits well - in spite of how it looks in the photo.  I think it had ridden up owing the the extra layer I had underneath to combat the chills.  Worn with a 'vintage' Next embroidered cardigan.  I bought it over 30 years ago from 'Next Too' and it still looks as good as new - I was brought up to look after my clothes!
There were four of us beading today, and again we got lots of complimentary comments on our display

Almost as complimentary as I was about the piece of Lime and Coconut cake I had for 'lunch'. 

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  1. Good to hear you are maintaining a healthy diet. Lovely dress and beads!