Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dressin' Up The Mannequin

Another project finished.  This was a barely-started project that I had found in my sister's sewing room.  It was cut out and had little labels pinned on and the word 'Mannequin' on it - but no instructions.  I guessed that it was probably something that she had started at one of her patchwork meetings, but hadn't got around to finishing.  
So, last time I was in Norfolk, I went to see one of her friends, who had got a finished example, although no instructions, but she knew a woman who had, so we rang her, and she described what I needed to do.
When I got back home, I decided to make the mannequin straight away, before I had time to lose the instructions.  I am currently in 'decluttering mode' so it was an added bonus that not only was I able to use up some rather unpleasant synthetic wadding that I've had for years,  but I also managed to get rid of a bag of brown rice,  that was labelled 'Best before 2007' that was hanging about in my kitchen cupboard. (I don't cook much). The rice was to give it some weight, in case you wondered.
It was actually intended as a massive pincushion - it stands about 14" tall - and has a pocket at the bottom to take scissors etc, but my friend Jill suggested it would be a good place to display brooches.  So that's what I've done.

I promised the 'Flying Geese'  girls that I would post pictures when I had finished it, so here it is, and thanks to Margaret and Daphne for their help in completing another one of Linda's projects.  She'd be so proud of me!
Although possibly less proud of the fact that I had rice in the cupboard  that was six years past it's 'use by ' date.

Dressin' Up The Mannequin - Wolfspider

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fancy Pants

I've been 'laid low' for a few days, but feeling much better today, so thought I'd boast tell you about the things I made before the weekend.
I finished the crocheted heart -
I made myself a new peg bag, to replace the very tatty thing I'd made years ago

And, I made the pretty, though faintly ridiculous, underpinnings from the kit that Gina encouraged me to buy on Friday.
I have to say, the pattern looked massive - even in the smallest size - and I obviously didn't go for the smallest size.
I found the instructions a little bit unclear in some places, but just decided to use my initiative and got them finished.  I think I may have stretched the elastic a bit too much, because I had to pin them out for this photo 
because, when left to their own devices, they look like this -
But, believe it or not, they do fit!

I'm really not sure whether I'll ever wear them, but I loved making them and they make me smile.  Go on, get yourself a kit, you know you want to.  If you're not an experienced stitcher, you could always go along to The Creative Sanctuary and make them in a workshop

You can see Gina's HERE - her version looks much less 'crinkled up', but then she IS my teacher, and a professional stitcher, and she probably didn't stretch the elastic as much as I did.  
Or there again, maybe she needed hers to be just that little bit wider than mine?


Thursday, 7 February 2013


What a lovely day I've had, and what nice people I know.

I met up with my knitting friends for brunch this morning.  Today though, instead of knitting, we hooked - making crocheted hearts under Gina's  guidance.  I haven't finished mine yet, but intend to do that this evening. Have no doubt, I will be only too proud and pleased to show you when it's finished.  Well, hopefully proud, anyway.

Gina said she had some patterns to pass onto me from the very lovely Lynda Monk.  I have to say, Gina handed them over slightly reluctantly - and having seen them, I'm not surprised.  They are wonderful -

and this one is even pinned onto fabric, cut out and ready to sew. 
Mind you, I'll have to do some serious dieting if I am ever going to fit into it.  It's a size 12, which would be optimistic even by today's standards.  But at the time this pattern was made, a Size 12 was a 30" bust and a 25" waist.  There's as much chance of me fitting into that dress, and there is of me wearing long white socks to show it off, as per the stylish lady on the pattern envelope. 

A lot of the patterns are a Size 16, but that's still only Bust 34" and waist 28".  Which perhaps explains why you hear women say "I'm the same size now as I was when I was 18." 
Anyway, the patterns are fab, and I'll let you see the results in due course.  (I might start with the elastic waist pyjamas though!)
After knitting we popped into The Creative Sanctuary for a browse, as is our wont.  Normally Gina is a very  good influence on me and dissuades me from making impulse purchases.  Not today, however. First of all, I bought some more wool to make another crocheted heart, and then Gina called me over to a display of these brilliant Knicker Making Kits, and despite the fact that there's a good chance that neither of us will EVER wear them, we both bought a kit.  
I am tempted to say that when I've made them, I'll show you my knickers, but I'm worried that I may encourage entirely the wrong kind of reader.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Blimey - it's been weeks again - how did that happen?
I've been busy though, I did a one day drawing class where we tried various mark making techniques, including wax resists, stencils and collage to create a portrait,  (thankfully, it didn't have to be too realistic).  

Although I find like-like portraits are very difficult to achieve, when I got home I had a go at copying someone from the front of the Radio Times. I don't think I'll have too many issues with copyright.  It's not brilliant, but then I've never drawn a particle Physicist before.  And at least a few people women have recognised who it's meant to be.

We did more drawing of faces at Spectrum today.  Gina made it slightly more tricky as we weren't supposed to look down at the paper, only at the face of the person we were drawing.  Which explains this monstrosity.
Fortunately, Janet isn't easily offended.  In case you're wondering, in real life, her face is more or less symmetrical, with eyes, nose and mouth in the usual places. 
Anyway, of all the drawings I did, this was my favourite (which gives you some indication of how my others turned out) so this was the one I chose to stitch.
I really enjoyed the day.  I've also been doing some other stitching, but it's too dark to take photographs now, so they'll have to keep for another time.