Thursday, 18 January 2018


Back in November 2015 Zoe from Sozowhatdoyouknow put a call out for pattern testers for her (then) newly drafted Anya bag pattern.  This is was my comment at the time -

i Zoe, I'd love to make a bag and promise to get my a*** into gear and blog about it (I've been a lax blogger recently). If fortunate enough to be chosen, I think I'd make it in a faded denim, incorporating a detail or two from recycled jeans. And if I'm not fortunate, well I'll buy the pattern and do it anyway!

28 November 2015 at 07:29
Well, I wasn't picked out of the draw to be a tester (shrewd move on Zoe's part, as it turned out!) but she did send me the pattern anyway as we'd met up at the V&A shortly before, and just because she's lovely.

I really enjoyed making it and I will definitely be making more more.  It's surprisingly capacious - I'm thinking of maybe using recycled embroidered table linen and using it as a travelling project bag for my sock knitting and embroidery.  I took it to my textile group on Tuesday and got lots of compliments - so not bad for what is essentially a 'freebie' bag!

If you want to make your own Anya bag , you can get the pattern HERE  Go on, you know you want to - and whatever happens - I doubt it will take you as long as it took me to get around to it!

Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year

Happy New Year!

I know the whole "New Year - all change" scenario is a bit of a cliche - and we all make resolutions that I bet no-one keeps for more than five minutes.  The only one I had any real success with, was when I decided in 2015 that I wasn't go to buy any new clothes.  I thought I'd only manage for a month or two, but I actually stuck to it for the whole year.  In fact,  while I'm not saying that I haven't bought ANY clothes since, its a very rare occurrence; as a result my dressmaking skills have improved no end (I never said I wouldn't buy fabric) and I usually wear Me-Made most days.

Anyway, I down-graded from the whole 'resolution' thing a couple of years ago, and made 'intentions' instead, which were a bit more successful if less challenging.
When I read Isobel's post HERE, it seems that the current trend is to come up with an aspirational/inspirational word or three to guide you through the next 12 months..
So, that's what I'm going to settle for - one word to aspire to, or be inspired by for 2018.

So, what word to go for? One that instantly came to mind was 'potter', but realistically that wouldn't have required any lifestyle changes at all; then I considered 'declutter' - but  I've been there, done that, read the book and given the T shirt to the charity shop,  and, let's be honest - I probably need to aim a little higher than spending 2018, basically tidying up my sock drawer.

Anyway, I quickly decided on ....
(Absolutely pathetic Photoshop skills, I know)

I'm not sure how far that's going to take me - I think its unlikely that I'll be backpacking across Asia anytime soon but I AM going to explore more of Norfolk ("Oh, big deal" I hear you say) but there's lots of it that I've never visited, I've only been to Norwich a couple of times, so that's on the list.  I'm looking forward to the Makers Month when there are lots of arty textile-y things going on.
I've booked a long weekend break away on my own, and a few workshops which may involve my first foray into AIRBNB.  I'm going to try another walking group - I love the Holkham Walking Women group but we basically stick to two venues - Wells or Holkham, so I'm going to find another one that varies the location too.

Obviously, its not just about geographical exploration.  I've got so many art materials that I've not used and that I'm keen to try out.  I definitely want to do some dyeing, and I'm going to try printing with a gelliplate.

I'm also going to go to find somewhere locally that has live bands, and if I can't convince anyone to come with me, I'm going on my own.  I'm really excited about seeing Kasabian in the summer, but I want to be deafened by loud guitars before THEN!

I realise that none of that sounds ground breaking or exciting, but I HAVE only just thought about it and, after all, baby steps, yeah?

PS - I nearly forgot - I think I'm going to try Kayaking too - if it's possible that I can get in and out without falling in the water - what d'ya reckon???

New Year - The Breeders