Thursday, 18 January 2018


Back in November 2015 Zoe from Sozowhatdoyouknow put a call out for pattern testers for her (then) newly drafted Anya bag pattern.  This is was my comment at the time -

i Zoe, I'd love to make a bag and promise to get my a*** into gear and blog about it (I've been a lax blogger recently). If fortunate enough to be chosen, I think I'd make it in a faded denim, incorporating a detail or two from recycled jeans. And if I'm not fortunate, well I'll buy the pattern and do it anyway!

28 November 2015 at 07:29
Well, I wasn't picked out of the draw to be a tester (shrewd move on Zoe's part, as it turned out!) but she did send me the pattern anyway as we'd met up at the V&A shortly before, and just because she's lovely.

I really enjoyed making it and I will definitely be making more more.  It's surprisingly capacious - I'm thinking of maybe using recycled embroidered table linen and using it as a travelling project bag for my sock knitting and embroidery.  I took it to my textile group on Tuesday and got lots of compliments - so not bad for what is essentially a 'freebie' bag!

If you want to make your own Anya bag , you can get the pattern HERE  Go on, you know you want to - and whatever happens - I doubt it will take you as long as it took me to get around to it!


  1. It looks great Gill. Lovely combination x

  2. It might have taken two years but it's worth it. Lovely bag and fabulous fabric combination.

  3. It’s a really lovely bag! I love the button.

  4. It looks very professional - I expect you will be making them in all different colours to match your outfits.