Monday, 19 September 2011

Been A Long Time

Ooh, it's been ages, hasn't it?  I had a couple of long weekends in Norfolk with my folks, and I have done a fair amount of pottering, in the garden and in my shed studio posh shed.  I have been working in my summer sketchbook, as set by Gina.  We had to choose a colour we wouldn't normally use, so being a bit of a pink/purple/orange girl - I went for blue.  Just a few pages from my book...
watercolours + salt
watercolours + wax crayon or candle resists

watercolour + glitter glue
carrot prints (it probably won't come as any surprise that I didn't have a potato to hand!)

some simple stencilling (does it look like a face to you or have I just got a vivid imagination?)
a bit of everything - including glitter paint carrot prints
more wax crayon resists

and some printing using Pressprint which I really like

I've still got quite a few pages to fill - and I'm determined to fill this one, as it has to become the basis for a finished piece of work.  Well, that's the plan, anyway.
I've also been busily knitting and sewing, and on Sunday having finished the jacket I've been knitting, I needed to sew it together. I was just about to start, when, on a whim, I decided to reorganise my bedroom, because the sun shines in there in the mornings, and it was a lovely day.  So, although there isn't really room for a chair,  I started shifting the furniture about. (God, where does all that dust come from??)  It's a very small room, and at one point I found myself trapped in the corner and had to clamber over several pieces of furniture, whilst carrying the cleaner (that's a vacuum cleaner, obviously - I don't have 'staff').  Anyway, it all came good in the end, and I was able to sit in the sunshine by the window and stitch.  
I'm pleased with my knitted jacket - and I even found some buttons in my stash, courtesy of my little sister, that were just perfect for the job.
And, having sewn them on, I realised that the holes were big enough for me to thread ribbon through if I wanted to.  Maybe that's a bit of an odd design feature, - or maybe I should just choose different ribbon. Anyway, the option's there, should the fancy take me.
And then all I had to do was sew some chunky rickrack round the neck of my 'sixties' style dress, that I'd also finished sewing that morning.
Who says I never finish anything?

Been A Long Time - The Black Crowes