Sunday, 28 September 2008

Nigella - eat your heart out

Just a very quick post to say I just made white chocolate and raspberry muffins. Perhaps not a MASSIVE deal in the grand scheme of things, but those of you who know me will realise quite what an achievement it is. They look like cakes and everything!

In fact, I seem to be having a very good week. I heard a couple of days ago that our local Post Office has been saved, after they had threatened to close it, and then on Wednesday night Tesco's planning application to extend, and thereby destroy the centre of our town, was turned down. I'm so pleased, it just goes to show what a few grumpy old men and women can do when we put our minds to it. Power to the people!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

I bet you thought I'd given up already, didn't you?
I've been visiting my cousin Annie in Bournemouth for a few days - and weren't we lucky with the weather. Had a great time, went on a boat trip around Poole Harbour yesterday. According to the chap doing the commentary - and I have no reason to doubt him - Poole is the second largest natural harbour in the world, beaten only by Sydney in Australia. We circled Brownsea Island, which is where Baden-Powell founded the Scout movement. The island was also a favourite of Enid Blyton, and is referred to as Whispering Island in the Famous Five and Secret Seven books. What a mine of useless information I'm turning out to be.
Just to prove that the sun was shining down on us on the boat, here's a shot of Brownsea island from the boat:-

After lunch, we went for a wander around Sandbanks, home of many a millionaire, and I was hoping to buy a big property when I won 100 million quid on the Euro Lottery, but unfortunately my numbers didn't come up. I was so sure as well - I'd even lashed out on TWO tickets.
Today we had a walk into Boscombe and strolled along the pier, then walked back along the beach. As you can see, it was lovely today too, although I'm not convinced it would have been warm enough for me to go swimming in the sea.

I think I probably picked two of the best days this summer to go to the seaside, or maybe it's true what they say about the sun shining on the righteous.

Annie has spent the weekend trying to persuade me to go to Glastonbury again next year - but I don't think my memory of the mud/constant rain/toilets at Glasto' 2007 has sufficiently faded for me to agree to it just yet. Maybe in another ten, fifteen years.

Had a very slow drive home, due to accidents on the M25 - I left at 3pm and didn't get home until 8pm - stopping only briefly at Sainsbury's to buy provisions as my Mum and Dad are coming to lunch tomorrow. I may even make cakes !!!!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Beads, beads and more beads

Had a great day on Sunday - I went to the Bead Fair at Hatfield House on Sunday with my friend Pam Had a really lovely day wandering round, and buying the odd bead or two (thousand). Haven't done anything with them yet but have lots of ideas. Especially pleased with a kit I bought from Beadsisters - a Byzantine chain maille kit for a bracelet with silver, black and pink jump rings. Also bought some black rubber jump rings for another chain maille bracelet. I have tried a bit of chain maille jewellery before, but these kits are really unusual - like nothing else I've seen - and they were such lovely helpful people too. I think this will have to be my next project. Will post a photo when it's finished. Watch this space!
After leaving Hatfield, I just had time to visit one of the Herts Open Studios at Long Barn Workshop in Benington, an exhibition of Textiles, Paintings and Mixed Media by seven local artists. Really worth seeing and I recommend a visit there if you are not too far away. The Open Studios continues until 5th October.
Today was a working day at Art Van Go - and while I was there I treated myself to a tube of Reduran hand cleaner - so will no longer have to walk about with Brusho stained hands! But thanks for the other helpful suggestions.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Not work on a Saturday!

Oh dear, I really didn't want to get up early and and go to work this morning. Ears still ringing from last night, but then that's a sign of a good gig. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that I took (nice arms, by the way)

And then, just to prove that I did get to work -
Unfortunately Orient lost 3-1 to Leicester, but I don't really think I can be blamed for that. I am intending to go to the Bead Fair at Hatfield House tomorrow so let's hope the weather stays good!

Can I go to sleep now please?

Friday, 19 September 2008

Day Three

What a beautiful day! Walked into town to go to my Pilates class, then back home and straight down to my ..... I think I'm going to call it a studio. It sounds a bit posey as if I've got ideas above my station, but I can't call it a shed because it's far too beautiful, and besides, I've got two sheds already. I tried shed-io but that sounds a bit daft, so I've decided it'll be a studio unless I've had a particularly unproductive day, and then it'll be a shed. So that's sorted then.

And it is sorted - I spent a couple of hours tidying and sorting and labelling, so it looks neat and lovely now

Just got back from seeing Limehouse Lizzy - Thin Lizzy tribute band - ears are still ringing from standing next to the speaker, they were great, as always. Will post pics tomorrow if they turn out ok.

Working at Leyton Orient tomorrow, so I suppose I'd better go.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

So far, so good!

Well, second day of becoming a C&G'er and second day of being a blogger - and 100% commitment to both so far!

I didn't start playing straight away today - I had to collect two pairs of boots from the menders, and then to M&S to pick up a new pair that I'd ordered (I love boots, that must make about 30 pairs - and I've cut down!). Had another minor accident in Marks - I only intended to have a quick look around the underwear section. I'm not sure how many sets of underwear it's acceptable to buy in one hit, but I'm pretty certain I exceeded it.
Anyway, when I did get home I went straight down to the 'shed-io' and got cracking. I have, at long last, opened and mixed up the Brusho that I bought from Art Van Go about ten years ago - before they had a shop and were still operating from a van. (I tend to 'save things for best')

I had a lovely time playing - although I'm hoping the neighbours couldn't see/hear me 'cos I was listening to Classic Rock on the Radio and couldn't help singing (singing???) along with The Boss to "Sherry Darling'' and playing a bit of air guitar to Rock and Roll - my favourite Led Zep track. Reluctantly packed up at 6.15pm because I was running out of space for things to dry - and I'm getting hungry.

So, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself - getting on with my homework straight away. No doubt that will all change when I discover boys.

One last thing - anyone got any tips for getting Brusho off your hands?

My first post!

Hello - this is a bit scary. But then who is going to read this anyway???

As from today I am officially a City and Guilds student!! I started at Studio 39 in Baldock, on a C&G Machine Embroidery course with Gina Ferrari. We had a brilliant day, working on the theme of "textures" in our sketchbooks (oh I so love a new sketchbook). I came home buzzing with ideas and full of inspiration (thanks Gina). Can't wait to get out to my studio/posh shed tomorrow to carry on playing.