Wednesday, 17 September 2008

So far, so good!

Well, second day of becoming a C&G'er and second day of being a blogger - and 100% commitment to both so far!

I didn't start playing straight away today - I had to collect two pairs of boots from the menders, and then to M&S to pick up a new pair that I'd ordered (I love boots, that must make about 30 pairs - and I've cut down!). Had another minor accident in Marks - I only intended to have a quick look around the underwear section. I'm not sure how many sets of underwear it's acceptable to buy in one hit, but I'm pretty certain I exceeded it.
Anyway, when I did get home I went straight down to the 'shed-io' and got cracking. I have, at long last, opened and mixed up the Brusho that I bought from Art Van Go about ten years ago - before they had a shop and were still operating from a van. (I tend to 'save things for best')

I had a lovely time playing - although I'm hoping the neighbours couldn't see/hear me 'cos I was listening to Classic Rock on the Radio and couldn't help singing (singing???) along with The Boss to "Sherry Darling'' and playing a bit of air guitar to Rock and Roll - my favourite Led Zep track. Reluctantly packed up at 6.15pm because I was running out of space for things to dry - and I'm getting hungry.

So, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself - getting on with my homework straight away. No doubt that will all change when I discover boys.

One last thing - anyone got any tips for getting Brusho off your hands?


  1. Now you see....I really do have all the best ideas....well not...often as such but a blog was a good idea.

    Now I demand that you ramble and let that brain of yours make a decent mess on this site instead of making a bloody mess on the roads of Hertfordshire and clogging up the emergency services in the process ;-).

  2. OK put me to shame... intend catch up tomorrow or Saturday.

  3. Hi
    Welcome to blogland.
    You can either have a long hot soapy bath or -dare I suggest - do some hand washing. Both will help fade the Brusho. However, you could join the rest of us mixed media textilers and live with almost permanently coloured fingers and wear them with pride.

  4. I am very impressed. Hope this doesn't feel like teacher checking up on you? Did you try the babywipes?

  5. Nice painting, I usually hang mine on the clothes airer out on the porch to dry, can fit lots on! I'd love to do C & G at some stage but I'm in the wrong country.

  6. Hi there, just found your blog through Maggie's and as a fellow sufferer of inky fingers I had to add a quick comment. I have found that the best thing for getting brusho off fingers is using a slightly greasy hand lotion or in emergencies butter/olive oil before washing normally. For some reason the grease seems to pick up the pigment much better than just washing. Good luck with the C&G.