Saturday, 27 September 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

I bet you thought I'd given up already, didn't you?
I've been visiting my cousin Annie in Bournemouth for a few days - and weren't we lucky with the weather. Had a great time, went on a boat trip around Poole Harbour yesterday. According to the chap doing the commentary - and I have no reason to doubt him - Poole is the second largest natural harbour in the world, beaten only by Sydney in Australia. We circled Brownsea Island, which is where Baden-Powell founded the Scout movement. The island was also a favourite of Enid Blyton, and is referred to as Whispering Island in the Famous Five and Secret Seven books. What a mine of useless information I'm turning out to be.
Just to prove that the sun was shining down on us on the boat, here's a shot of Brownsea island from the boat:-

After lunch, we went for a wander around Sandbanks, home of many a millionaire, and I was hoping to buy a big property when I won 100 million quid on the Euro Lottery, but unfortunately my numbers didn't come up. I was so sure as well - I'd even lashed out on TWO tickets.
Today we had a walk into Boscombe and strolled along the pier, then walked back along the beach. As you can see, it was lovely today too, although I'm not convinced it would have been warm enough for me to go swimming in the sea.

I think I probably picked two of the best days this summer to go to the seaside, or maybe it's true what they say about the sun shining on the righteous.

Annie has spent the weekend trying to persuade me to go to Glastonbury again next year - but I don't think my memory of the mud/constant rain/toilets at Glasto' 2007 has sufficiently faded for me to agree to it just yet. Maybe in another ten, fifteen years.

Had a very slow drive home, due to accidents on the M25 - I left at 3pm and didn't get home until 8pm - stopping only briefly at Sainsbury's to buy provisions as my Mum and Dad are coming to lunch tomorrow. I may even make cakes !!!!


  1. Well who was a lucky girl then,with the weather.Glad you had a good time. CAKES! make sure you bring some to work Monday, or I'll never believe it.

  2. How lovely - and so lucky with the weather!