Tuesday, 31 July 2012

White Wedding

It was a truly perfect day - fantastic venue, glorious weather and of course, THE most beautiful bride (not that I'm biased or anything)

The very Happy Couple

Buttonholes made by the ladies of the Flying Geese Patchwork Group

Please note the tiara - I made it!

In the beautiful grounds at South Farm

I love the look on the flower girl's face

With bridesmaid Emily

and with the lovely Jess

and the proud grandparents (my Mum and Dad)

Big, big Congratulations, all best wishes and good luck to Sarah and Brendan.

Although I'm not too sure they'll need any luck from me - SOMEONE clearly sorted the weather out for the day, and also arranged for them to be upgraded to First Class (FIRST CLASS!) for their honeymoon.

Oh, and in case you wondered why there are no group shots with me in them - it's because some fat middle-aged woman wearing my dress seems to have infiltrated the photos on my behalf.  I only hope the professional photos are more flattering.

White Wedding - Billy Idol

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Do You Want To Know A Secret

I can finally reveal something that I have been working on for several months. It may not look as if it represents several months worth of work, but I am definitely not a quilter.
My sister was in the process of making a quilt from Liberty fabrics last year.  When she found out that she was very ill, and was not going to recover, I suggested that we finish it together and give it to her daughter Sarah as a wedding present. Sadly she went so suddenly, that we hadn't made a start on putting it together. Linda had done the patchwork part, and had blanket stitched the hearts on the squares ...
I spent several months getting the squares out and looking at them, and then putting them away again, I knew how important it was, and I didn't want to mess it up.  But eventually it had to be done, and I plucked up courage and laid the squares out, ensuring no two identical fabrics were next to one another, labelled them and machine stitched them together. 
I then enlisted the help of the Flying Geese - the patchwork group in Norfolk that my sister belonged to, and they advised me on backing and wadding and helped me tack it together, and even started on the hand quilting with me. (Thank you, ladies)
I came home with about nine squares quilted and spent several weeks handquilting the remaining 50-odd squares.  Then I just had to add the edging (I think quilters call it binding). Finally I free-machine embroidered a label for the back, and it was finished.
(By the way - they're not my legs, I was standing on a chair)
I decided to give it to Sarah a couple of weeks before the wedding - I thought it might be a bit emotional and didn't want to upset her on the 'Big Day'.  She was really pleased with it and I'm glad I was able to finish it - and I hope Linda is pleased too.
Anyway, talking of Sarah and her Big Day - it's today!!  Sarah and Brendan get married at 3pm today, so in a minute I'd better go and get myself ready.  Sarah and I have always been close - I was very nearly there for the birth (I only nipped out to reposition my car so I didn't get a ticket,  and to get a quick cuppa, and she popped out sooner than anyone expected)  But my sister, generous to a fault, let me be the first person to hold her.  Sarah used to come and stay with me in the holidays, and I'd take her to Young Embroiderers with me, and to the theatre to see The King and I, and My Fair Lady etc.  I also encouraged her to stay up late, eat too many sweets, and took her to her first gig.  Although I think that was more a case of  her humouring me, rather than the other way around.
I'm sure she won't mind me putting these photos of her on here - there's probably much worse on Facebook.
With her Mum, her Nan, and her Great Grandma

and her Grandad

As a 'gymnast'

With her Mum and Dad, and her big brothers
The day after my sister and I sat up until midnight secretly making her a Pocahontas outfit
With a couple of dodgey hairdos

Her first job
with her very proud Mum, after getting her D of E medal
Ready for a fun run

As my travelling companion on our way to Australia ...

....where she fulfilled one of her ambitions.

And with Brendan, outside their new house

The sun is going to shine for her today, and I know how excited she is this morning.  We'll all be missing her Mum today, but if Linda IS there somehow (and who's to say that she isn't) she'd be so proud.
Have a wonderful day Sarah, and be happy xxx

Do You Want To Know A Secret - The Beatles