Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wuthering Heights

Having seen a brilliant film last week, I was looking forward to seeing Wuthering Heights today.
I have to say that as far as I'm concerned it was a complete disappointment.  No criticism of the actors - but the way that the film was shot and the very limited dialogue just left me cold. In fact, if the cinema hadn't been as chilly as those wild and windy moors, I don't doubt I'd have nodded off. I'm afraid that personally I couldn't wait for Cathy to die.  When I came out I heard a couple of girls asking one another if they'd cried at the end.  Cried??? I was ready to let out a cheer!
Don't let me put you off though - I've just read some of the film critic reviews and they thought it was marvellous.
Oh well, each to their own.

Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Today I'm sending out invitations to the Spectrum Exhibition (I DID mention the exhibition, didn't I?)  I wondered why I'd bought these very bright envelopes a couple of years ago, and this morning it all became clear.  AND I knew exactly where they were, which is a bonus.
Very Spectrum-ish.
If you'd like an invitation - let me know and I'll send or email one to you.
(Psst - It'll be worth it just for Gina's cakes)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blondes (Have More Fun)

 Last night I went to the cinema to see ..
click on this link  to watch a preview.
I thought it was fabulous - a really good cast - and the actress who played Monroe was phenomenal - I kept forgetting she wasn't really her.  Can't recommend it highly enough!

Anyway, back to the sewing machine - I'm making needlecases for our exhibition.  And now I've told you about them I'm going to HAVE to finish them.

PS I think I'm losing it.  Just went to make myself a cup of coffee.  When the kettle boiled I spent ages searching for the mug I wanted.  Checked all the rooms in case I'd left it somewhere yesterday, had another look in the cupboard.  Considered putting my wellies on and going down the garden to see if I'd left it in my studio.  I've got lots of mugs - and it really didn't matter, but I wanted THAT one.
Then I remembered - it was in the microwave from where I'd put it 90 seconds earlier to warm the milk up.  Oh dear.

Blondes (Have More Fun) - Rod Stewart

Saturday, 14 January 2012


I was with the Young Embroiderers today, making dolls.  The original idea was to make peg dolls, but then Gina decided to go for something a bit more quirky, so we made pipe cleaner armatures, wrapped with wadding and sheeting to make the bodies.
Gina showed some examples of dolls she had made
And this is one Pam had made previously, she's got large boobs and she's supported by a bottle.  That's the doll, obviously - not Pam.
Clearly, we weren't going to make anything as fancy as those in a few hours, but they were great inspiration.  I must say they made my peg doll look quite pathetic - but at least she was recognisable, and obviously an excellent role model for our 8-12 year old girls. 
I had to leave early today (mainly to get out of the clearing up and putting the furniture back after I decided to re-organise it this morning) but I did take pictures of the dolls that were finished.  (Nip over to Gina's blog to see the rest of dolls - they were brilliant.  The girls are getting more and more creative and enthusiastic with each meeting.  I believe this one with the green hair and the pretty frock is called Bobby....
Not sure what this ones called but I love her furry boots and matching hair ..
And this next one is christened Wacky, or maybe even Queen Wacky.  I think we've just caught her on her way to an urgent appointment at Moorfields.
And finally, this next one is Gina's.  She was having a bit of a bad hair day, and in the end decided to settle for a headscarf, topped off by a bottle top crown.   We thought she looked a bit Russian, kind of Ciscilla, Queen of the Saltmines.....
Personally, I think as an autobiographical doll, she was excellent!
That's me crossed off the Christmas card list then.

DOLLS - Primal Scream

Thursday, 12 January 2012


A very belated Happy and Healthy New Year!

A bit delayed I know, but I was away over Christmas, and started the New Year with some very long days  at work, and then I've been stitching, stretching and framing my work for an exhibition.  I belong to a textile group called Spectrum, which is a group originally formed from my City and Guilds Embroidery group, and now with a few additional members and mentored by Gina Ferrari.
Anyway, we've been working towards our first exhibition in February.  I have to say, there has been much dithering, numerous displacement activities, and some tearing out of hair - I'm only speaking for myself you understand - the others in the group may have been completely laid back and calm about the whole thing.
BUT - it's finally all finished and ready to go.  And today, I went over to Art Van Go and typed labels for our work,  and collected the posters and invitations Kevin produced for us.

I'm especially looking forward to the Private View Tea Party, which is the afternoon of  Saturday 11th February at Art Van Go.  If you'd like to come and see our work - and join us for tea and homemade cakes (don't worry - I'll point mine out so you can avoid them!) just email me and I'll send you an invitation.
Hope to see you there.

SPECTRUM - Florence and The Machine