Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fancy Pants

I've been 'laid low' for a few days, but feeling much better today, so thought I'd boast tell you about the things I made before the weekend.
I finished the crocheted heart -
I made myself a new peg bag, to replace the very tatty thing I'd made years ago

And, I made the pretty, though faintly ridiculous, underpinnings from the kit that Gina encouraged me to buy on Friday.
I have to say, the pattern looked massive - even in the smallest size - and I obviously didn't go for the smallest size.
I found the instructions a little bit unclear in some places, but just decided to use my initiative and got them finished.  I think I may have stretched the elastic a bit too much, because I had to pin them out for this photo 
because, when left to their own devices, they look like this -
But, believe it or not, they do fit!

I'm really not sure whether I'll ever wear them, but I loved making them and they make me smile.  Go on, get yourself a kit, you know you want to.  If you're not an experienced stitcher, you could always go along to The Creative Sanctuary and make them in a workshop

You can see Gina's HERE - her version looks much less 'crinkled up', but then she IS my teacher, and a professional stitcher, and she probably didn't stretch the elastic as much as I did.  
Or there again, maybe she needed hers to be just that little bit wider than mine?



  1. I'm not sure I should leave you a comment when you have been so rude about the width of my bum... you are obviously feeling better! I had to pin my knickers out for the photo too as they looked all crinkled like yours.

  2. Sorryto hear you have not been well. The phrase
    does my bum look big in this , springs to mind.Well done on the heart and pants.

  3. I love the heart. Your knickers look as good as Gina's, but I'm hoping your comment about size will keep me out of trouble at the next Spectrum meeting.