Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dressin' Up The Mannequin

Another project finished.  This was a barely-started project that I had found in my sister's sewing room.  It was cut out and had little labels pinned on and the word 'Mannequin' on it - but no instructions.  I guessed that it was probably something that she had started at one of her patchwork meetings, but hadn't got around to finishing.  
So, last time I was in Norfolk, I went to see one of her friends, who had got a finished example, although no instructions, but she knew a woman who had, so we rang her, and she described what I needed to do.
When I got back home, I decided to make the mannequin straight away, before I had time to lose the instructions.  I am currently in 'decluttering mode' so it was an added bonus that not only was I able to use up some rather unpleasant synthetic wadding that I've had for years,  but I also managed to get rid of a bag of brown rice,  that was labelled 'Best before 2007' that was hanging about in my kitchen cupboard. (I don't cook much). The rice was to give it some weight, in case you wondered.
It was actually intended as a massive pincushion - it stands about 14" tall - and has a pocket at the bottom to take scissors etc, but my friend Jill suggested it would be a good place to display brooches.  So that's what I've done.

I promised the 'Flying Geese'  girls that I would post pictures when I had finished it, so here it is, and thanks to Margaret and Daphne for their help in completing another one of Linda's projects.  She'd be so proud of me!
Although possibly less proud of the fact that I had rice in the cupboard  that was six years past it's 'use by ' date.

Dressin' Up The Mannequin - Wolfspider


  1. Perfect for your brooches! (and five years out of date is nothing!!!)

  2. What a brilliant way to use up your out of date rice!!!

  3. What a gorgeous project. You certainly have an enviable collection of bling!! The felt brooches are super too. M x

  4. That's fabulous Gill and would look great in a vintage shop, well done for finishing it.