Thursday, 7 February 2013


What a lovely day I've had, and what nice people I know.

I met up with my knitting friends for brunch this morning.  Today though, instead of knitting, we hooked - making crocheted hearts under Gina's  guidance.  I haven't finished mine yet, but intend to do that this evening. Have no doubt, I will be only too proud and pleased to show you when it's finished.  Well, hopefully proud, anyway.

Gina said she had some patterns to pass onto me from the very lovely Lynda Monk.  I have to say, Gina handed them over slightly reluctantly - and having seen them, I'm not surprised.  They are wonderful -

and this one is even pinned onto fabric, cut out and ready to sew. 
Mind you, I'll have to do some serious dieting if I am ever going to fit into it.  It's a size 12, which would be optimistic even by today's standards.  But at the time this pattern was made, a Size 12 was a 30" bust and a 25" waist.  There's as much chance of me fitting into that dress, and there is of me wearing long white socks to show it off, as per the stylish lady on the pattern envelope. 

A lot of the patterns are a Size 16, but that's still only Bust 34" and waist 28".  Which perhaps explains why you hear women say "I'm the same size now as I was when I was 18." 
Anyway, the patterns are fab, and I'll let you see the results in due course.  (I might start with the elastic waist pyjamas though!)
After knitting we popped into The Creative Sanctuary for a browse, as is our wont.  Normally Gina is a very  good influence on me and dissuades me from making impulse purchases.  Not today, however. First of all, I bought some more wool to make another crocheted heart, and then Gina called me over to a display of these brilliant Knicker Making Kits, and despite the fact that there's a good chance that neither of us will EVER wear them, we both bought a kit.  
I am tempted to say that when I've made them, I'll show you my knickers, but I'm worried that I may encourage entirely the wrong kind of reader.



  1. Good company, good times , what more could a girl want. Thanks Gill Gina and Val.

  2. Here here Pam! It was a lovely morning. Must go... I've got some knickers to make!

  3. I can't wait to see them. I presume there will be a fashion show at Spectrum.

    1. Yes Annya, I think we're going for a Very Private View for our next exhibition.

  4. you sound as though you had a fun day

  5. Thought you were going to be crocheting a pair for a moment there - mind you I'd need several balls of wool for a pair for me!!!

  6. a perfect day by all accounts. I think those patterns are truly DIVINE you lucky girl. As for the knickers.....I think you are right....just don't any giveaway tags!!!

  7. Sounds like a great day. Can't wait to see the two of you in these.