Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Blimey - it's been weeks again - how did that happen?
I've been busy though, I did a one day drawing class where we tried various mark making techniques, including wax resists, stencils and collage to create a portrait,  (thankfully, it didn't have to be too realistic).  

Although I find like-like portraits are very difficult to achieve, when I got home I had a go at copying someone from the front of the Radio Times. I don't think I'll have too many issues with copyright.  It's not brilliant, but then I've never drawn a particle Physicist before.  And at least a few people women have recognised who it's meant to be.

We did more drawing of faces at Spectrum today.  Gina made it slightly more tricky as we weren't supposed to look down at the paper, only at the face of the person we were drawing.  Which explains this monstrosity.
Fortunately, Janet isn't easily offended.  In case you're wondering, in real life, her face is more or less symmetrical, with eyes, nose and mouth in the usual places. 
Anyway, of all the drawings I did, this was my favourite (which gives you some indication of how my others turned out) so this was the one I chose to stitch.
I really enjoyed the day.  I've also been doing some other stitching, but it's too dark to take photographs now, so they'll have to keep for another time.



  1. I love both your portraits of Janet and although it is a very skilled drawing of Brian Cox I think it lacks the sponteneity and liveliness of Janet's portraits. Likeness isn't everything!

  2. Love your stitched portrait, definitely has an air of spontaneity.