Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Beard of Stars

I've done quite a lot in the past couple of weeks - went to the Valentino exhibition at Somerset House - I loved the exhibition, but actually, (don't tell anyone) I wouldn't have wanted to wear very many of the dresses.  Just a bit TOO over-embellished for my liking.  For a more constructive view of the exhibition, see Gina's review HERE
I've been to two gigs - Richard Hawley last Saturday, (absolutely brilliant) and Ethan Johns on Monday - ok, but probably a bit too laid back and gentle for me.  And, talking of being over-embellished -  I have to agree with my Mum on this one - what is it with men and ridiculous bushy beards?  Ethan actually apologised for the state of his Grizzly Adams-style face fuzz,  claiming to have forgotten to pack his beard trimmer.  You're in London matey, and you can't possibly be short of a few bob - so go and pay for a shave!
I have also been to two sessions of 'guitar club' in our local pub.  It's a kind of group, mixed-ability, lesson  - with beer.  And as long as there are a few good guitarists playing, and provided I don't plug my amplifier in, I can convince myself I sound quite reasonable!
I have finished a few more textile-y projects too.
My first pair of socks ........ (several years in the making)
A piece for the North Herts and Beds Embroiderers Guild exhibition in May, for the theme 'Arboreal'
(in case you're as uneducated as me, it means 'relating to trees'

The inspiration partly came to me in a dream (no, really, it did) and partly from a card I saw in a bookshop at Kings Cross Station.  The background is one of my monoprints that I did with Spectrum, with machine embroidery on top, the birds are little snippets of Liberty fabric left over from the quilt project, and the trees are made of transfer dyed Suedefx, also free machined.  Probably a bit more 'twee' than 'tree', but I like it.  
Then yesterday, with the Young Embroiderers, we made one of these ....
Can you spot the plant that isn't real?  Oh, of course you can, you're not daft.
A felt African Violet.  I didn't actually get to make it at the meeting, because although I was stitching leaves and flowers as if my life depended on it, the youngsters kept swapping my completed bits for theirs that weren't, so I had to make mine when I got home.  Oh, I know how to spend a fun-packed Saturday night, me.

A Beard Of Stars - Tyrannosaurus Rex


  1. Busy bee that you are. BTW isn't it Ethan Johns, if its not then I got you the wrong CD. (smiley face)

  2. I can't believe that you finished your African violet last night! I think your Arboreal piece is the best one I've seen. I didn't even show you mine because it was awful!

  3. I really like you arboreal piece. I admired it when I saw it on Saturday and wondered who's it really, I did!

  4. Well done for finishing the socks. I love your arboreal piece.