Friday, 15 March 2013

Little Red Shoes

On Tuesday of last week, we were all suddenly called in to a meeting at work to tell us that, with immediate effect, the team that I've been proud to work on since 2002, was being 'restructured' (their word)/disbanded (my word).
It's too soon yet to know exactly what's going to happen, or whether all of us will still have jobs in a few months time, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.  I'm always one for looking on the bright side, so if it happens that I don't have a job in the new set up, well, although I'll miss it - and the money, obviously - I'll have more time to be creative/go to the gym/practice the guitar.  Or maybe not.
Faced with the threat of imminent redundancy, I did what any normal person woman would do in the same circumstances, and I bought myself a pair of shiny red shoes.
My friend and colleague Anne, who was with me, said "You know what they say about women who wear red shoes, don't you?" to which I replied "God help us, Annie, let's hope it doesn't come to THAT!!"
Anyway, these particular red shoes are more suitable for playing hopscotch in the playground than hanging around street corners, and they remind me of the shoes I used to have for school when I was (very much!) younger.  
My sister and I were extremely lucky, in that our Mum would always buy us red school shoes: I always felt sorry for the girls who were destined to wear the more sensible brown or black option.
Our shoes were always from Clarks, and the winter ones would be very similar to the pair above, although less shiny and without heels.  In the summer we had shoes that were called sandals, although I don't know why, because there were no toes showing, but they had criss-cross straps over the front, with soles that I always thought looked like a thick slice of white bread.  But most importantly, they were always red.

Anyway, my new shoes were the perfect thing to wear for Red Nose Day, to Gina's Comic Relief Bake Off today.  
There was cake....
and more cakes .............
and shortbread,  and macaroons .....
and home made Jammy dodgers and custard creams (who else MAKES custard creams????)
It was all delicious,and beautifully laid out, so well done Gina, and I hope you've raised lots of money. 

PS - Handy Household Tip No.1. 
Re. the photo of the shoes - You'll find it's much easier and quicker to 'Photoshop' dirty marks off the kitchen floor, than it is to clean the real thing.

LITTLE RED SHOES  - Loretta Lynn


  1. Lovely morning spent with Gill Gina and Mary et al with
    delicious cakes and biscuits. Good amount of money
    raised for Comic Relief. So another good day.

  2. Pleased you had a good morning... I have red shoe envy! I alway had to have the black or brown school shoes. I have a horrible memory of something called "TUF Go-girls"... black lace ups in other words!

  3. I usually had cherry red sandals and conker brown winter shoes always polished on a Sunday. Love yours. Do you think photoshop will work on the windows as well as the kitchen floor? ( and well done Gina)

  4. I had brown shoes. My children have black shoes. I have become my mother! (This is not a bad thing ;-)

  5. I may be a bit of a wrinkly, but I love your shoes! Though I have to confess possibly not as much as that delicious looking display of cakes and cookies. If they tasted as good as they look you should have made a fortune for your cause!