Sunday, 1 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 1

I had a good excuse to wear a frock today - I was with a group of beaders demonstrating at Stapleford Church for their Annual Flower Festival.
I wore my sewing machine Emery Dress, with a hand knitted denim cardigan.  
When I say demonstrating, I mean we were sitting in the Church displaying our jewellery and demonstrating various beading techniques.
I thought I'd better explain that, just in case you thought that we were marching up and down carrying placards and chanting "What do we want? BEADING! When do we want it? NOW!'
We got lots of lovely comments about our work and almost every person said 'You must have very good eyesight'.  I don't, I just have some magnifying specs that I only use for beading and threading needles.
Despite the sunshine, it was very chilly inside and I'm glad I wore my cardie, although I did remove it briefly for a photo.
Now, that's somewhere you don't often see me.