Tuesday, 17 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 17

Gosh, it feels like just a few hours ago that I was here last....
I wasn't working today, but I called into the shop so you are spared the boring 'photo in the wardrobe mirror'. 
Firstly a Colette Laurel top made with fabric from the Creative Sanctuary worn with the first garment repeat so far this month - the Sewoverit Ultimate trousers
They don't look too bad from the front, but I got Kym to take a rear shot, more for my benefit than anything else, but I've decided to share it (you lucky people!)
Ah, not so well fitting from the back then. I'd SO like to make the perfect trouser pattern, but I really don't know how to resolve this excess fabric problem.
Except, I suppose, to make longer tops.


  1. Hi Gill, thanks for the comment on my blog! The only problem I have with my ginger jeans is that I took too much from the front leg pieces when I was skinnying the fit so that seam comes round to the front of leg a bit which feels a bit odd. Not sure that I can help re your trouser fitting other than to point you in the direction of this post where she discusses and shows various fit issues: http://cationdesigns.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/pants-pattern-alterations.html?m=1. also Heather at closetcase files has done a pretty comprehensive discussion of fit problems for trousers on her blog. Hope that helps!

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