Saturday, 7 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 7

It was, as they say 'proper sunny' today.  So much so, that it was time for my seasonal wardrobe turnaround. Sounds rather grand but actually involves dragging a very heavy suitcase out of my hall cupboard, heaving it onto the bed, taking out my shorts and summer tops, re-stuffing it to the gunwales with chunky jumpers and cardigans, and hauling it back to the cupboard were it will remain until winter, (or August, which ever is the chilliest).
It also involves a bit of a cull and a trip to the charity shop.  
But, it did mean I could venture out with short sleeves today - a self-drafted top, copied from one I bought several years ago, and now made up in a batik seeersucker cotton. 
I didn't make the cut off jeans, (one day I WILL make jeans, one day) but I did make my earrings and bracelets.


  1. I've got one made by me dress in the wardrobe! It's very summery so I guess I could have worn it yesterday! ( hot hot hot!) otherwise I just feel a bit inadequate!

  2. Pretty top, I like that one!