Thursday, 5 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 5

Today I wore two of my favourite Me-Mades, firstly my latest TATB Agnes top - its a great pattern and I've made 5 or 6 of these in cotton jersey.  The pattern goes together really well - and is a quick make, you can do it all on the overlocker, with just a bit of twin needle stitching around the neck and the hems.
I bought fabric at the Stitching show at Excel last month from M. Rosenberg and Son - its dark grey with little lemons all over, and I think it must be a polyester or viscose jersey - anyway, whatever it is is lovely.
On top is my denim Merchant and Mills Factory Dress - the dress you are most likely to see worn more than once in May.
I wore it when I went to my see my friend Jane who very kindly showed me how to make a large tote/bucket bag (AND made my lunch!).  All finished in just a couple of hours .....
Jane teaches dressmaking and all kind of sewing skills to adults and kids at The Creative Sanctuary
and also in her own right as The Sewing Room Hertford
Oh, and I'm also sporting a Me-Made badge, finished just today
I got the free pattern and tutorial from Tasha of Stale Bread into French Toast having heard about them from the Zoe  - the inventor and organiser of Me Made May.
It'd be great if everyone who took part in MMM wore a badge so we could identify each other, should we happen to pass in the street


  1. Oh my goodness you've been busy!!!!! Everything you're wearing is freaking awesome and i'm so happy that you made a badge! Thanks for leaving me the link. Hope you're having a great May so far xxxx

  2. So glad you're doing MMM again. I look forward to seeing your makes. I'm hoping to get a better view of your lemon top before the months out 😊