Wednesday, 11 May 2016

MMM 2016 - Day 11

I had a trip to the seaside today - Leigh on Sea - to meet my friend Viv.  We met in Belle Fabrics - probably not a wise move as I DEFINITELY didn't need to buy any more fabric.  Oh well, if there's ever a world fabric shortage, I'll be ok for a while.  No doubt the resulting garments will be displayed here over the next few months.
Anyway, today's outfit - a new Me Made this week - a Tilly and the Buttons Coco top, worn with my third pair of SewOverIt Ultimate trousers.  I made them a while ago, with a lots of pattern adjustments, and I'd made them quite straight legged, but when I put them on I couldn't help thinking they looked a bit like, well, 'slacks' to be honest.  So I've slimmed the legs down, adjusted the fit, and they are definitely wearable now.  
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just not 'trouser-shaped'.


  1. I was just thinking how nice those trousers looked!

  2. "Not 'trouser-shaped'" - lol, I think I'm the same!