Sunday, 31 May 2015

The End

Days 30 & 31

Day 30
Although I was only going to my beading group today, which doesn't normally involve any dressing up, I thought I'd have a fancy frock day - SewLaDiDa Sweetheart dress - I love this dress - it's one of my few dresses which suggests I really do have a waist - although sadly you can't tell from the photo cos I forgot to remove my jacket (second hand from a vintage fair)
I spent the day finishing the bracelet that I started at beading last month at a workshop led by Shona Bevan
Day 31
Final day of the challenge - and I wasn't going anywhere, and it clearly wasn't going to be a day for gardening, so I put this dress on, mainly to decide whether to keep it or not.  It's definitely not one of my favourites.
It's another Laurel, but I don't know if it's the fabric, it just looks a bit sack-like.  I don't like the neck much, nor the length of the sleeves - nothing to do with the pattern, which I really like, just my treatment of it on this occasion.  I'm beginning to think in future I should make a size down.  
Added to that, I hadn't done my hair, or put any make up on, so let's just have a close up of the only redeeming feature of this outfit ...........
Absolutely no reason to wear these indoors, except I love them.  As my intended day in the garden was thwarted, owing to inclement weather, I've had a day in my sewing room, crossing things off my 'to-do' list.
And I've finished another bit of beading
Very pleased with this, and it's reversible
So, that's MeMadeMay over for another year.  I've enjoyed fulfilling my challenge, and I've definitely exceeded the frock wearing element of my pledge.
The only slightly tricky days were when I was away on holiday - I probably need to make more sensible day-to-day outfits and leave off the fancy frock making.  
But I don't suppose I will.
The End - Kings of Leon

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  1. I love that sweetheart dress and agree that the other one should be smaller... And you need to smile when taking selfies! Which of course just feels silly... So I'll shut up now and stop giving out advice!