Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Days 21 - 26
Day 21
I've been up to visit my parents in Norfolk for a few days, so there's a slight variation of scenery for my photo backgrounds. It wasn't quite as warm as it looks here (it's windy up in the Flatlands!) so I wore my handknitted denim jacket over the birdie Camber top, and self-drafted snakeskin denim skirt, 
Day 22
Fine weather, so I helped out with some gardening for Mum and Dad - denim jumper and starry denim Ultimate trousers
Day 23
On Saturday I took my Mum and my niece Sarah out for afternoon tea at a posh hotel.  The occasion was a treat for my niece, who is expecting her first baby in a few weeks time.  She's enormous! You'll have to take my word for it because, although I took her photo, she may never forgive me if I post it on here.
So, instead, here are a pair of the booties I knitted.  Like Sarah, they, too, are enormous.  In fact, they are so big that when I showed my Dad, he asked if I was going to put studs on them.  Saz said she was seriously concerned about the whole 'giving birth' thing, if the baby was going to come out with feet the size of these boots.
I also gave her a quilted play mat that I'd made - I bought the fabric as soon as I knew she was expecting, but I only got around to making it a couple of weeks ago. The picture was taken in the Creative Sanctuary, which is where I got the fabric).  Since my lovely sister is no longer with us, I thought I should step up to the quiltmaking mark. I've never machine quilted before, but I used the walking foot that came with one of my machines, it went like a dream. Anyway, Sarah said that her Mum would have been proud of me, so I'm more than happy with that.
Back to MMM.  Afternoon tea at a smart hotel called for a ridiculous frock, so it was the Christine Haynes Emery dress made in black and white gingham with a couple of rows of Russian dolls appliqued around the skirt.
Day 24
Black Ultimate trousers, with a Laurel top
Day 25
Pottering in my own garden today, so I wore shop bought jeans and a very bright Jalie top (I can't ever see myself stitching my own jeans, but you never know)
Day 26
Working in the shop today, so I wore another Merchant and Mills Camber dress that I made with this fabric that I bought there, (but I forgot all about getting a photo taken while I was there)
Well, we're on the home run now, only five more photos to inflict on you!
Flatlands - Mark Lanegan

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