Friday, 29 May 2015

48 Hours

Days 27 -29
Day 27
Denim Schoolhouse Tunic and grey jersey leggings made from McCalls 6173 (couldn't be easier!)

Day 28
 I was off to see the Prism exhibition at Hoxton Arches, so I wore my Comic Book skirt (I've done a close up and mirrored the photo so you can read the speech bubbles, if you are so inclined) I wore it with a John Smedley cotton jumper and a denim shirt - both at bargain prices from a charity shop a year or two ago.
I've been to see the Prism exhibition several times in the past when it was at the Mall Galleries, but this was a much 'edgier' venue and I loved it - in fact I think it's the best Prism exhibition I've seen.
My friend Gina's work was stunning - Graffiti style images with very dense free machine embroidery
and a close up ...
I also like these tattoo-inspired pieces by Julie Harper, again very densely stitched
and another close up ....
and these beautiful appliqued and machine embroidered images mounted on cotton reels by Jacqi Adkins -
in fact, I liked them so much I bought one (with the pink and orange cotton reel at the front, towards the right)
This clever piece was also by Jacqi -
The work was incredibly varied, and whilst I liked lots of the work, including some of the delicate, ethereal pieces, it's the smash-you-in-the-face colours that draw me in to look closer.
The puppets by Charlotte Sewell were fun too..
As those who know me are only too aware, I have boycotted Tesco for about ten years, so I was amused that I liked this piece

Having spent a couple of hours wandering around the exhibition, I made my first visit to the Geffrye Museum, which was just around the corner.  The Geffrye is set in almshouses built in 1714 by the Ironmongers' Company, and shows how homes have changed over the past 400 years, and shows period room settings from the 1600s.  Well worth a visit, with gardens and a restaurant.  Needless to say I stopped for cake.

Day 29
Tartan dress using the Colette Laurel pattern
 Only two days to go.

48 Hours - The Clash


  1. Thank you for the lovely review and kind words about my work. I love your tartan dress but can see it with black lace and net...

  2. Thank you for your wonderful photographs of my pieces. I hope you enjoy owning the cotton reel, they were fun to make.
    I remember you coming around because of your fantastic skirt!

    1. I'm delighted with my cotton reel, it's right in front of me in my little sewing room as I type, and is just the right size to hold my stitch unpicker - perfect!