Sunday, 24 May 2015

Mirror Mirror

Days 19 -and 20

Day 19 - I always feel a bit conspicuous in this top, so I decided to wear it today as I'm not planning on going far.
I screen printed the fabric myself on a course years ago, and eventually got around to using it, a year or so ago, for a Schoolhouse tunic
The leggings are a recent make, using McCalls 6173 and grey Ponte jersey.  I'm really pleased with these, I cut them longer in the body, and in the leg than the pattern said, but other than that, the fit is fine. They only took about an hour to make, so I'll definitely be making more, as soon as I find some suitable jersey.
That may mean a shopping trip, or there again, it may just fall out of the cupboard onto my head.

Day 20 - My original Coco dress (I've made two since this)

I think I've now found the best place to take 'selfies'.  One day I might try a bit of Photoshop-ing to take out the backgound. Of course, if I master that, it'll only be a short learning curve to lose two stone and maybe a few wrinkles.  As if.

Mirror Mirror - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours.

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  1. Not sure why you should be self conscious in that tunic because it looks great.