Friday, 8 May 2015

One Week

Me Made May 2015 - Days 2 - 8

Red Miette cardigan and 'skulls and roses' skirt
Christine Haynes Emery dress in sewing machine fabric
Red Miette with new self-drafted skirt in 'snakeskin denim' from HERE
and a close up of the fabric, with red spotted bias trimmed facings
Red spotted Laurel (chopped down from a dress) with black Ultimate trousers
- and self trimmed shoes
Red Miette again (how often is TOO often?) with self drafted gored skirt with handprinted and embroidered flowers
Coco tunic (again shortened from a dress) and the black ultimate trousers
and finally, my machine embroidered  Camber dress
Contrary to appearances, I wasn't visting a stately home - it's my cousin Jean's beautiful garden - and she told me to pose like Victoria Beckham.  Sadly, I don't look any thinner - I just look like I'm balanced on one fat leg.  
But at least I'm smiling.

One Week - Barenaked Ladies


  1. You look lovely in all of them... Much nicer than Victoria Beckham!

  2. Hi Gill. Thank you for helping me set up my blogger status so I can tell you how wonderful you look in all your handmade outfits.