Tuesday, 19 May 2015

In These Shoes?

Days 17 - 18

Day 17 - Sunday, working at the shop this afternoon, so I wore two recently made garments
both already blogged and both made from fabric purchased in the shop, (which is HERE)
To prove it, here's the fabric I used for my skirt, 
what I can only describe as a kind of snakeskin denim with a bit of stretch
I might have to get a bit more for another pair of Ultimate trousers.  Talking of which .....

Day 18 - back to taking my own photos - a hand knitted denim jumper (when is it going to properly be summer and warm enough for no sleeves?) and my Ultimate trousers in the navy denim with white stars.  I really love these trousers, and although the pattern says to use a concealed zip, for these I made a lapped zip and attached a zip guard, and added a trouser bar to the top of the facing.  These are close to perfect now fit-wise, just a bit of fine tuning to be done.
Oh, and you know I said no new clothes since Chritsmas, weeeell, obviously that didn't include shoes - I can't make them.  So I did make one wearable purchase in Whitstable
a beautiful pair of Irregular Choice shoes with small heels.  They only had them in two sizes, and luckily, one of them was mine.  I'm wearing them around the house at the moment, just because I can.

In These Shoes? - Kirsty MacColl


  1. Love the shoes! One day I should learn to make trousers and then I might get a pair that actually fit.

  2. I really must get back into dress making!!!

  3. Lovely shoes, but I must admit at first glance I thought the patterned bit was the sole and they were peep toe ..and you had no toes.