Sunday, 14 June 2015


No stitching this week I'm afraid, but I've still had a lovely week - my parents have been visiting and I took my Dad for his belated birthday present into London and up The Shard.  It's very tall.

Not a very sunny day, but nice and clear, so we had fantastic views - to Canary Wharf
the Olympic Park
the Tower of London
and down into little gardens that you'd never normally see
We spent about an hour and a half trying to pick out particular buildings and we both really enjoyed the trip. We worked out that Dad hadn't even been on a train for about 25 years, so the whole day was an adventure.  Dad declined the offer of a window cleaning round though.
Still, I obviously couldn't allow him to laze about enjoying himself for the whole week - so on Thursday, Dad (87) and I (old bird, rapidly approaching buspass status), with considerable assistance from my friend Jill's husband (70's) built a shed! 
It was delivered on Thursday morning, we started work after lunch and by tea time it was built and the roof was felted.  Not bad, eh?  
The only job remaining on Friday was to glaze the windows.  Fortunately, my cousin and her husband came over to see Mum and Dad so we called upon Mick's glazing expertise to help finish the job.
There IS no such thing as a free lunch!
I have to admit, when I saw the size of the shed 'kit', I did wonder if I should have employed a professional to construct it, but having done it, I'm really glad we did it ourselves. I think it rates as one of my best "Me Mades"
The photo was taken on Friday, after we'd tidied ourselves up a bit.
And, just so that my Mum isn't left out - here she is enjoying the sunshine in the garden.
The week finished well too, with the week's second trip to London to meet Zoe and pay another visit to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A.  It's the third time I've been, but I dare say it won't be the last - there's such a lot to take in.  It was really lovely to meet Zoe in real life too!

Glasshouse - Young Knives


  1. Great views from the Shard and I'm impressed by the shed building. A woman of many talents obviously!

  2. Looks a wonderful day, I keep meaning to go up the shard but somehow never manage it. Well done with the shed!