Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bicycle Race

Well, that was an exciting morning!  Stage Four of the Women's Cycle Tour came through Hertford today en route from Broxbourne to Buntingford - so I was up early (gardening at 7.20am, no less) and then up at the top of my road to see them come through.  There's a very steep hill coming out of Hertford (it can be a tad tough on your legs walking up, never mind cycling at full pelt)  
I stood at the Queen of the Mountain stage finish - or just opposite the Co-Op in real life.
There was no end of motorcycles and support vehicles, and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

And then the cyclists appeared - and they were still peddling furiously (I'm sure I'd have had to get off and pushed my bike up the hill, which perhaps explains why I wasn't taking part)
 They whizzed past in a flash ....
 And then they were gone.
As cycling is so popular with the masses now, I'm surprised that more people hadn't turned out to support them or just to enjoy the spectacle - it certainly doesn't happen every day.
I'm just glad that I did.

Bicycle Race - Queen

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  1. Very exciting. I think I have run up that hill many years ago... Agony!