Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Last Time

Well, I'd love to be able to report that that Tewin Car Show was an unmitigated success, and that we sold loads of stuff.  I'd love to, but it would be a complete fabrication.

First, the pluses - despite a slightly damp start to the day, the sun came out and it was a lovely day.  Val's gazebo was really easy to put together, so no hitches there.  We didn't even mangle any tent pegs.  (I have to say, that as everyone was setting up on the cricket field, and the 1950's music was playing  over a crackly loud speaker, the day began to feel like the start of an episode of Midsommer Murders, so to ensure that we weren't inadvertently responsible for any nasty 'incidents', we made sure that we securely locked Val's claw hammer in the van - you can't be too careful)
We set our stall out (as they say) and we were pleased with how it looked, with Jill's pictures -

My cake stands and jewellery -
and a small selection of Val's knitted stuff -
We had a few visitors , and about a dozen people said how lovely my cake stands were, but then they turned over the ticket, saw the price and walked away.  I'd priced them at £25.  Now, leaving aside my time, for a moment,  they actually cost me £15 per stand to make, just for the plates and fittings.  Then there's the time involved in hunting down suitable plates, driving to the suppliers to buy the fittings, and the special drill bit you need to make the holes.  It took quite a time to make them, and to choose which plates went together, then package them, and pay for the cost of the craft stall.  So, I don't think £25 is unreasonable, do you?
Never mind, I guess that's some of my Christmas presents sorted out. 
All in all, I sold 5 cards, for the princely sum of £4.50.  Well, it would have been £4.50 but one of my customers was busy chatting and forgot to pay me, so I actually took £3 all day.  I think it's unlikely I'll be nominated for "Business Woman of the Year"  
The only time I took any cash, was when I was doing my one hour stint in the refreshment tent - when we served cakes and drinks non-stop- including serving Lewis Hamilton's dad with a cup of tea!
On the positive side, I got to spend the day in the sunshine with two great friends, and we did have a laugh, and from where our pitch was, we were fortunate enough to be in prime position to watch the Morris dancers
I'd love to say more about the Morris dancers, but I really can't afford to offend any potential customers.  I remember watching a programme about them once, and the interviewer asked why they did it.  One of the dancers said that there was always a lot of alcohol involved.  I guess there would have to be.

The lack of customers meant that I had a chance to look around at the Classic cars - and this one was the most unusual - it's hand built and the bodywork is highly polished wood.
If I could have had my pick of the cars I saw - and there were lots of Porsches and Lamborghinis - I'd have picked the White Thunderbird.  I love those big American cars with 'fins'.  Knowing my luck though,  I  BET it belongs to one of the Morris Men.

So, I know I've said it before - and I'll quite possibly say it again - that's the last time I do a craft fair.  From now on I just make stuff for me.  Probably.

(The Last Time - Rolling Stones)


  1. I can't believe you didn't make more money... it doesn't bode well for me at Ashwell show next week! Anyway... you can put your takings up by £25 because I still want one of those cake stands.
    Are you sure you didn't fancy one of those Morris Men?

  2. Well, you did better than I did this weekend. I had a table at a local Funday and I sold one card for £1.50 so I went completely mad and spent it on an ice-cream! The cake stands were absolutely fair at £25, the problem is, I find, people expect to buy everything at carboot prices if it isn't actually in a shop!

  3. The stall looked lovely,if its any consulation I don't think Van Gogh sold much in his life time either.

  4. Maybe I should try hacking my ear off. x

  5. Astounding, isn't it?! I saw some cake stands similar to yours but not nearly so nice, in a shop near the British Museum yesterday - they were £45....
    Lovely that you still see the silver lining after such an experience.

  6. What a shame you didn't have a better day. I think your cake stands are lovely and the price is right so don't be too down hearted. Obviously the people that were out and about on Sunday didn't appreciate quality.

  7. no, don't hack the ear off!! but whatever you do be a poor artist rather than give your stuff away.

  8. Just a thimblevul...

    Oh dear, you can NEVER put a price on the time and effort put into our work, it is so disheartening when people turn the label over and sniff! Even worse, at my Open Studios, one woman said 'I could do all this, if I had the time'...........

  9. Oh right..ignore my previous comment..I understand. I think they are worth far more than £25 and are beautiful but in these straitened times..etc.
    Now I spent a good deal of my youth with friends who were morris men...but in my youth it was their youth too (mostly) so I can't comment on the current crop.