Saturday, 21 August 2010

Crumbs From Your Table

Been busy making for the Tewin Car Show tomorrow.  I've made some 'rock' corsages, using imitation leather.  Not sure what I think of them, the design definitely needs more work, but being me, everything is left until the last minute as usual.   Oh well, another work in progress.
And I've made some necklaces - 
The pictures aren't brilliant, but I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out, and they look good against the black velvet background - which is actually my wooden chopping board shoved down the leg of my Mum's velvet trousers.  It's ok, she took them off first.
I have a stall at the show with two friends, and we have to start the day by erecting a gazebo, in case of pouring rain, or (ever the optimist) scorching sunshine.  None of us has ever put up a gazebo before.  What can possibly go wrong?  
Talking of which, you know in recipes where it says 'allow to completely cool before removing from the tin'.  I now know why it says that.  I made another courgette cake yesterday, and it looked beautiful.  I waited quite a long time for it to cool.  Oh ok, about 10 minutes then.  I carefully lifted it out in it's paper case and it promptly collapsed and dropped on the floor.  Mashed up courgette cake crumbs, anybody?

(Crumbs From Your Table - U2)


  1. I can't stop laughing at the thought of you shoving your chopping board down your Mum's trousers. I like the "rock corsages"... just the thing for a vintage rock chick!

  2. Hope tomorrow the gazebo stays up longer than the corgette cake did!

  3. Oh dear, had to have two goes at reading this blog post, couldn't get past the chopping-board-down-the-trouser-leg bit without drying my tears!

    Good luck with your lovely jewels (and the gazebo)