Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Girls in Their Summer Dresses

I had a trip to London with  Fan My Flame on Wednesday to an exhibition of 1950's  Horrockses frocks at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey.

Horrockses made off-the-peg women's fashions in the 1940's and 50's.  Mostly cotton dresses, housecoats and beachwear.  (Housecoats!)
Sorry about the standard of the pictures - I couldn't use flash in the exhibition, so they were very dark, and I've lightenened them a bit in Photoshop. Not brilliant, but you'll get the idea.

Love the dresses - not sure about the playsuit thingy in the back though.  The fabrics were really beautiful, and the designs came from a number of sources including in-house staff, commercial design studios, freelancers and also from well-known artists such as Graham Sutherland.
 This next one depicted plates of food ..........

Gina and I both picked the same one as our favourite ...
I love the black gingham overprinted with blue roses.  I might have to try the same thing with applique.  I'll just add that to the list of intended projects.
As well as the dresses, there was some of the original artwork for the fabric, and it was interesting to see a bit of the design process.  
It's a lovely exhibition - and if you are interested in vintage fashion, I'd urge you to go. It's on until 24th October.
I have become more or less self-sufficient in the garden.  Well, ok maybe that's a tiny exaggeration.  I have nine tomato plants, five in the ground and four in pots.  I planted them in good quality compost, I've staked and tied them (several times, as they've got bigger)  I have watered them everyday, and fed them every week with Tomorite (other tomato fertilisers are available). Oh, and I used an organic method of slug control. 
Surprisingly enough it worked.  No poisonous blue pellets, no egg shells, no coffee grounds, just a little notice informing them that they weren't welcome.  Organic, or what?
And today, finally I have reaped the benefits.  I had two (yes, two!) of my very own tomatoes.  
True, they were on the small side, but they were delicious.  And there's plenty more green ones, so as long as the sun shines again in the next few weeks, I'll maybe get some more.

(Blog Title - The Girls in Their Summer Dresses by Airborne Toxic Event)


  1. I love the dress you and Gina chose proving once again that gingham never dates,I liked the green sundress to ,Oh ID better check to see if ouit tomatoes are red yet ,love the organic sign Jan xx

  2. The last time we went to an exhibition there I ended up knitting my favourite thing (okay I started knitting it)... does this mean I've got to make the dress? I've spent the afternoon trying to stake up my tomato plants!

  3. I hope you didn't eat both tomates at once but spread the delights out. Love the dresses.

  4. dont you just love that building?? Is it still pink??

  5. so glad you went to Horrokses exhib and took those pics cos the show ended this weekend and i missed it... kept putting it off til 'tomorrow'. Same thing happened with the Grace Kelly and Quilts exhibs at the V&A. I should make appointments and stick to them...
    I found a similar dress to your fave one in a second hand shop in Victoria a few months ago. it fitted me really well and i was sorely tempted to buy it but it had a really nasty stain on the front that i just knew was the reason it had been thrown out in the first place and i was never gonna be able to remove. So I put it back on the rail. Ah well. Where/when would I have worn it anyway?!