Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Lost and Found

Guess what - I found them!  I had a flash of inspiration - it still happens occasionally.  I looked in my studio and I went straight to my sparkles.  They were in a little plastic box, that fits (with lots of others) into a bigger plastic box.  I'm telling you, just in case I forget again.  Anyway,  as promised, here they are adorning the tshirt.  Ok, so it's not much to get excited about, but I was pleased.

I think what I'd better do is make a list of everything I have in the world, and write where I've put it.  At least then I'd only have to read through a long list, and I wouldn't have to turn everything out, and put it away again.

So, having got the day off to a good start, I thought I'd make some cake stands for an upcoming craft event.  I'd already got some plates drilled, I drilled some more, and I've come up with these.

They are for the Classic Car Show at Tewin on Sunday.  I'm having a stall with some friends, and I'm also doing teas for an hour or so,  (I'm only warning you in case you're coming, and you may decide you'd prefer  to bring a flask!). Hopefully I'll have made some jewellery before Sunday too.  WHY do I always leave everything to the last minute???

(Lost And Found - Echo & The Bunnymen)


  1. Glad you found your sparkly bits. Your cake stands are absolutely gorgeous and I love your vintage themed dress in the last post! Clever you. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the party

    Carolyn x

  2. I hope you have a really good day on Sunday... and if those cake stands don't sell (although I'm sure they will) I would like to buy one please!

  3. p.s. I meant to say I love your T-shirt and your labels too!

  4. Your T Shirt looks lovely, I'm glad you found your sparkly bits.
    Those cake stands are gorgeous as are the labels.

  5. Your teeshirt looks lovely with the sparkles - glad you persevered in the search! And I'm so wowed with your cake stands - they're fab.

  6. i am glad you found your sparkly bits - the t shirt looks fab.
    i love your cake stands - aren't you clever! you should make some more and sell them on your blog - i would be interested!
    have a good day at tewin

  7. I love the cake stands, I'm sure they will be a sell out

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I hope the good people of Tewin feel the same!

  9. Oh thats so funny...I started that very list in my sewing room this week...then I forgot where I'd put it.

  10. ps How do you drill plates? And where do you get the screw in bits? I saw some glued together with little wine glasses and thought I'd make myself one. I have a hankering to do afternoon tea for my friends but the weather hasn't been on our side so it will have to be next summer now.
    (Don't answer those questions if you are making these to sell...I've got a cheek..asking your trade secrets)