Monday, 9 August 2010

Everyday Should Be A Holiday

Saw the Dandy Warhols last night at Koko in Camden with my friend Jane, of janeslondon.  Really good gig - it was the last night of their European tour which usually means the band is up for a good time.   I think that happened  the last time I saw them too - they must always finish up the tour in London.  And why not?  Apparently they've been supporting the Specials on tour, which seems to be a bit of a weird musical combo, but if it suits them....
So, as it was the last night they got the horn section of the  Specials on stage to play with them on a couple of songs.
Sorry, the pictures are a bit ropey, but anyway .........
I think that's one of the Specials in the wings, together with the ex-Adam and the Ants flute player (who knew AATA had a flute player??) who also came on for one track.  

On a more rural note - the tomatoes are now coming thick and fast -

How many tomatoes equals a glut.  Don't say I'm gonna have to start making chutney!
And it's not just tomatoes - I have blueberries too -

I think I may have to get a couple of sheep and a goat, and then I could save a fortune on milk, cheese and yarn.
Right, I'd better turn in, us farmers have an early start.

(Everyday Should Be a Holiday - by the Dandy Warhols)


  1. Rock bands and home grown fruit and veg, such a wide range of interests

  2. You could try Hugh Finely-Whittled's "Glutney" recipe with all your surplus produce ...

  3. Alpacca's produce lovely fleece's!! ,we have tomatoes too I discovered when I went to look after seeing yours ,lol Jan xx

  4. i always leave your blog with a smile on my face - so glad you enjoyed jolie. i go every week for knit and chat - i love it!
    perhaps i will see you there one day.
    enjoy your produce

  5. At this rate you will be blogging about all your cooking exploits and giving a certain other blogger a run for her money :-)