Monday, 16 August 2010

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

If I could get back all the time in my life that I've spent looking for stuff, and that I know I've  put in a safe place,  I reckon I'd only be 28.  Today, it's those little iron-on diamante things.  I bought a Tshirt in Oxford Street on Saturday, it's got black shoes with red bows printed on it, and I decided I wanted to make the bows sparkly.  Simple job, you'd think.  Well, it would be if I knew what I'd done with them.  I've looked through all my bead stuff (a cupboard and a drawer) my Roses tin of 'embellishments' , a biscuit tin full of sequins, and two plastic boxes of stuff with things that don't really fit into any category.  I thought I'd struck lucky when I found my Bedazzler  (Oh, come on - don't make out you that you're not conversant with the Bedazzler!  I can't be the only one that bought one from that certifiably-enthusiastic saleswoman who used to demonstrate at the early Knit and Stitch shows? )  But no, that box only contained the diamantes that fit into the little gadget,  but no iron-on ones.  I'm only telling you this, because I thought it may concentrate my mind and I might remember.  I'll not only let you know when and where I find them - but I'll show you the  finished Tshirt.  It's a matter of principle now, I'm not wearing it until it's got sparkles on.   Feel free to suggest the sort of things that  you'd file iron-on diamantes with, if you had any, in case I've done the same.

I've had a bit of a making week.  I made a net petticoat -

to go under under a dress I made, to wear to a 50's themed party. 

The dress isn't vintage, obviously - I only made it last year - but the belt buckle is, if that counts.
Oh, and I made a courgette cake. Who says I don't eat vegetables?
It was so absolutely lovely, (even if I do say so myself), that half of it was eaten before I remembered to take a picture as evidence.  
I've been making some jewellery, but I've not quite perfected the design, so pictures will have to wait, and I've also done a bit of work in my sketchbook, in the would-be style of Fan My Flame but the sketches are still a bit rubbish, and without a proper theme, so I'm not showing those either.  However, what I WILL show you, is my sister's beautiful new puppy Bentley, who I met for the first time yesterday.  I stopped at a petrol station, and you know there's always some tacky gadget or toy that you can buy for a couple of quid as long as you spend the equivalent of a month's wages on petrol, well I've always wondered who bought them,  and yesterday I found out - it was me.  The magnificent offer was for a stuffed Meerkat dog toy, and he loved it.

Sorry, I couldn't limit myself to one photo. He's so gorgeous and bouncy.  I want one.

(I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2)
I toyed with the idea of  Puppy Love by the Osmonds, but that's definitely not very Rock'n'Roll.


  1. Back of the food cupboard... shoebox under the bed...? Okay so I'm not being helpful. Love the dress though disappointed it's not gingham with appliqued flowers! Puppy Love going on here too... he's gorgeous.
    Oh yes... I'm impressed with the cake too!

  2. Your dress is lovely ,well done you. Will we see a picture of you in it?
    The cake sounds very nice.
    You are a spoil sport not showing us your sketchbook work. Mine is rubbish but I went public.So come on and share.

  3. your diamante ''things''will be in the same place as all my stuff I put away for safe keeping and haven't seen since!!