Friday, 3 September 2010


On Wednesday we had the first meeting of our "Embroidery Group That Dare Not Speak It's Name"  - but only because it hasn't got one yet.  We are made up of members from our  previous City and Guilds Group, plus one welcome addition, and with Gina, aka Fan My Flame as our mentor. This term we are focusing on metals, so to that end I spent the best part of a day trying to stitch with metallic thread.  At a conservative estimate, I would say that my thread broke about 8,256 times, and that I completely re-threaded the machine approximately 3,008 times.  And all without a single swear word.  Next class I will be mostly stitching in quilting thread.
The other activity was considerably more successful (how could it not be?) with Gina showing us how to do rust dyeing.  We soaked fabric in salt water, and wrapped up various rusty objects - I'm SO glad I come from a long line of hoarders - although what my Grandad would have made of me sorting out the rustiest nails and bolts from his collection, and then wrapping them in wet fabric is anybody's guess.

We had to leave them for at least 24 hours, and I managed nearly 48.
 (I did think it might be another unmitigated disaster like the metallic stitching, so I was just delaying things I suppose.  I took my parcel outside 
I started unwrapping, and it was clear that at least something had happened

 And it had - although I think my neighbours may be a bit concerned about my washing
I'm going to use it for my homework, and then for a piece for our first exhibition (cos "The Mentorist" says so)
You may notice my usual heart shape - in the middle of the right hand piece.
I didn't get where I am today without a battered and rusty old heart.
(Rust - Echo and The Bunnymen)


  1. I absolutely love the rust marks you have made. I would be coveting your washing if I was your neighbour!!

  2. wonderful rusted fabric. i did some of that a couple of years ago. you've inspired me to do it again.

  3. Your rust dyeing has worked well I like the heart shape. I haven't looked at mine yet I forgot and it was too late last night. I might do it this evening.
    How much homework have you done?

  4. Hey.... the heart worked out really well!

  5. I bet you were dying to see how it had turned out!Probably your neighbours already think that you are a bit odd so don't worry

  6. Lovely rusting.
    I tried dyeing the fabric with raspberry tea then rusting but the rust marks came out black. I wonder if that was because of the tea??
    Re metallic thread, I had problems before using a metallic needle and kingstar metallic thread.(tips about metallic threads here: