Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pictures In An Exhibition

I popped into Art Van Go yesterday, partly to see the Made at Art Van Go exhibition, which looked brilliant - really varied with some great work, including a couple of paintings by my friend Jill,
some fabulous books 
 this huge piece, which I loved ....
and even a couple of bits you may have seen on here before .....
I have posted more photos on the Art Van Go blog if you'd like to see more.

My other reason for going today, was that Pauline Verrinder was in the studio, demonstrating machine embroidery, and she had produced some lovely stitched textile jewellery

It just so happens that she has recently been working on seed pods - which is what I'm supposed to be working on in my sketchbook.  Fortuitous or what??

(Pictures In An Exhibition - Death Cab for Cutie)
You didn't think I was going to go for Emerson Lake and Palmer, did you?


  1. I recognise some of those lovely things!

  2. I also recognise some of the things in the exhibition. They look lovely.