Monday, 3 November 2008

I have got over the trauma of my drive home in the snow now - although I did spend Wednesday tucked up indoors. I ventured out on Thursday and had another morning helping Edie with her stained glass patchwork - it's nearly finished now and she's very pleased with it - I think it looks quite striking. Not bad considering that neither of us had ever done stained glass patchwork before, and Edie is partially sighted.

I was working on Saturday as Orient were playing at home (twice in one week) and FANFARE please - they WON!!! I think that might be the first time since I've been there. Not sure that they will want me as a lucky mascot just yet. On Sunday my sister and brother in law visited so I made yet another batch of white choc and raspberry muffins. PLEASE can someone give me another simple recipe - I'd like to try something different that is equally easy and reliable. After they'd gone home I sat down to make some tea towel bags for the forthcoming craft fairs - they were quick to do and I made three in an evening, whilst also watching Strictly, and Sharpe - so the stitching didn't exactly get my undivided attention!

I think they turned out quite well in spite of that - and I'm glad I found the doggie tea towels, although they took very slightly longer to make as I had to cut the tea towel in half so that the dogs didn't end upside down on one side.

Today I've been sorting out my coursework and I've spent the afternoon in my studio working on my texture samples - just hope they are all ok - I will find out on Wednesday!


  1. The stitching on those bags looks suspiciously 'fabulous' to me.

    The stained glass mini quilt is lovely. It's a striking technique, isn't it?


    PS: Word verification = 'yahag' ... personal word verifications? How classy is that?

  2. Thanks Kitty - I just hope they sell - I should make about 50p profit on each one if they do - not gonna get rich quick, am I?? x