Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Girlie weekend in Suffolk

Have just had a brilliant girlie weekend in Suffolk - eight of us from two generations, plus Luke, the lone male (of a third generation). We stayed in a lovely house about five minutes walk from the beach at Aldeburgh. Arrived on Friday afternoon and had a walk on the beach, where we saw this oyster shell sculpture. For those who can't mirror read, the words say " I hear those voices that cannot be drowned"

By the time we got back, the unfortunates who still have to work for a living had arrived, so we had dinner, followed by cake.

On Saturday we had a wander round the town, and those of us that didn't go for lunch, swiftly followed by a cream tea (so that's just the older generation then) went to Snape Maltings and spent several hours browsing (and shopping). On our return, the general consensus was that we couldn't be bothered to get ready to go out to eat, so we had fish and chips followed by more cake, followed by party games that appeared more hilarious after a glass or two of wine. And champagne. And punch. And port. (Port??)

It's Jill's wig, and it's my blog, so although I wore the wig too, obviously it's her photo I chose to post.

On Sunday we all went off to Southwold - very cold and windy but the sun was shining, so we had a wander along the pier - you're right, it's only the Brits who would chose to sit outside rather than go inside to have coffee

It wouldn't be a proper walk on the pier unless you try your luck at the twopenny machines ......

and as we won four keyrings between us, no one can say we wasted our money. Although Victoria and Julie have since signed up with Gamblers Anonymous.

I love the beachhuts at Southwold - especially these ones painted in ice cream colours.
and just to prove the sun really was shining - Jo and Laura posed in their shades.

In case anyone was wondering - I'm afraid I did bake yet another batch of my now 'world-renowned muffins, suitable for all ages ...... and he really did eat it, it just LOOKS as if he's spread it about the coffee table.
A lovely weekend - even though we did have to drive through hell and (very) high water to get home. Needless to say, no homework done yet!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that Maggi Hambling sculpture on the beach at Aldeburgh.