Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Culture and stuff

Had a trip up to town with the girls from my painting group yesterday (although I haven't been to painting for a while as I am actually FAR too busy, not doing my C&G homework. They still let me go with them anyway, and we went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the New Renaissance Portrait exhibition. I am afraid to say I still get that sinking feeling when someone mentions going to an art gallery, (especially portraits) but then I remember that I'm a grown up now and I DO enjoy them. This one was really good, and I spent quite a bit of time making little scribbled sketches and notes about textures and textiles which I'll put in my exhibitions book that I've started for my course. Had lunch in the restaurant there - very nice but a bit pricey and very slow service, then wandered up to Covent Garden before getting train home.
It was a beautiful day today so I walked to the shops, and to the sorting office to collect a parcel. Probably not a very exciting parcel for most people, but I was pleased - it's a new ironing board cover with pink hearts all over it (how perfect an ironing board cover is that?) Had to get a new one, following a minor incident whereby I ironed a piece of hand-printed fabric face side down, to avoid getting paint on the iron, not realising that the front was covered with painted bondaweb. Having spent about an hour trying to iron the sticky off, then picking at it with my nails, I thought I'd best lash out on a new cover. I have made a solemn vow to remove the new cover WHENEVER I am doing anything arty. Ditto using the old iron. I nearly took a photo of my ironing board with its lovely new cover - but I decided that would just be a bit TOO sad.
Spent the afternoon in my studio painting and sticking and generally making a mess, working on my texture book (bit of a frenzy of homework activity as it's 'school' tomorrow). Nearly jumped out of my skin when the window cleaner came and knocked on the window - no he doesn't clean the windows of my shed, he was after his money. I'm in a little world of my own when I'm working down there - I even took sandwiches and a flask of coffee with me today.
Oh - have been a bit experimental on the muffin front - tried using blueberries instead of raspberries today - don't they look lovely. Expect to see me on Masterchef very soon.


  1. Password for leaving a comment is bunflut how appropriate is that! Im with Gina they are exceedingly nice buns....