Sunday, 30 November 2008

And another week has gone by! Had a few days away in Derbyshire, in a cosy cottage near Matlock which was lovely. Did a bit of walking and visited a few patchwork and craft shops, and Arkwrights Mill which was only a walk away. Considering it's November, even the weather was good - and to prove the sun came out, here's a couple of pictures , one taken from the Mill ...
and another of the River Derwent (I think)
Also had an unplanned trip to the local Sainsbury's as I'd managed to leave my washbag on the sofa at home, resulting in my having to re-buy the entire contents on my arrival. So, the Folic Acid tablets which are supposed to prevent the early onset of Alzheimer's don't seem to be working. Always assuming, of course, that I have been remembering to take them?!?!
The bare trees against the skyline took my eye, and I have a vague idea that I'd like to do something creative and 'stitchy' based on them - but don't hold your breath - it's not even at the planning stage yet! Maybe I'll get my sketchbook out later and do a few doodles to see what I come up with.

Drove back on Friday afternoon, and then joined the Art Van Go mob for a drink in the evening. Mentioned to Viv that it was a shame about Woolworths becoming the latest victim of the recession and it turned out that both Viv and I had started our working lives there as Saturday girls. I earned the princely sum of £1 2s 6d (that's £1.12p for any younger readers) for a whole day on Saturday. I started on the cake counter, selling unpackaged cake and loose biscuits, (oh shock, horror, whatever would the Health and Safety blokes say?) and progressed to the sweet counter. I wonder if that's where my current dietary habits started?

On Saturday I met my l'il sis and niece in Cambridge for some Christmas shopping - I think I have done most of it it now which is a result. Also met a very nice lady in Borders while we were both perusing the various arty/crafty/sewing magazines - aren't stitchers friendly people?

Stayed over in Cambridge last night with my niece, then got back today and had a very wet and muddy walk. Right, now to wrap those presents ....


  1. Beautiful pictures - hard to believe the first one was taken in November!

    I really hope Woolworths don't go under - they are a good source of socks for my monkeys!


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