Friday, 7 November 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!!

My sister has a BIG birthday today. But we think there must be a mistake on our birth certificates, 'cos no way are we THAT old! She's three years younger than me, so by my calculations, that must make her 25 today (what do you mean I'm deluded?)
Here is us, taken just a few short years ago - I liked having my photo taken in those days and she didn't - hence my very tight grip on her hand, and her slightly grumpy smile. Now neither of us likes having our picture taken, but at least she's stopped putting her hands over her face!
I just love the dresses - our Mum made them for us, she made these ones from scratch ( sometimes we had cut out and ready to sew kits from Woman's Realm). I seem to remember I had to model my one at a fashion show at Chingford Assembly Hall. If I'd have known then that was my one big chance to become a supermodel I might have given it a bit more atitude!

To celebrate the occasion of her birthday, I made Linda a "sister" book - I started back in August last year on a workshop at Hawkwood in Stroud, with Frances Pickering. It has been a work in progress since then, but needless to say only got completely finished a couple of weeks ago - I kept adding little bits. I really enjoyed doing it, going through masses of old photographs when we were little- and some of them I could remember having taken. Anyway, this is the envelope I made to put the book in - dyed pelmet vilene.This is the front of the book - as you can see I still do pink, and I love hearts. When you open the little heart shaped window in the front there's a picture of my sister's face peeping out.

And this is one of the pages inside - all made with brown paper, with loads of photos stitched and stuck in, and some little sketches. Anyway, she rang me this morning, just as I was about to ring her to wish her a wonderful birthday, and said she loved it.

Her husband has made some wonderful plans to celebrate her birthday, so I know she will have a great time. After all, you're not 25 every day, are you?!?!?


  1. Happy 25th birthday little sister. I'm not surprised she loved her book - how special. I never knew we were about the same age!

  2. Happy 25th birthday to your sister. She's just a couple of years older than me ;-)

  3. Happy birthday to your sister, and what a lucky girl she is to have had such a beautiful and very special gift from you. I did a day school several years ago with Frances Pickering but we didn't do stitched books. I love the ones she does and would like to get on one of her Hawkwood courses. Good luck with the C&G course.

  4. What a lovely book and such a nice idea. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard (enjoyable) work. It beats cooking doesn't it?