Sunday, 23 November 2008

Had a lovely day at C& G on Wednesday - we made tassels and braids and cords on the machine - I really enjoyed it. What do you mean - it doesn't look much for a whole days work? Maybe not, to the untrained eye - but I was pleased! It's our last class until the new year, so plenty of time to finish off all the homework that I should have done already. I MIGHT even do some this afternoon, although the sun has come out now so maybe I'll just go for a walk instead.Had another high powered business meeting on Thursday - oh all right then, coffee, cake and chats with the girls about our very own craft fair. We've designed a flier and I took it to the printers, and here it is! I realise this is bordering on becoming an advert - but if any of you are near enough to visit - please come along. You don't have to buy anything - we just don't want to be sitting there all day with no visitors! And if you can't come, please keep your fingers crossed for us!

On Friday I had another teaching session with Edie - she has started on a Christmas table runner - so she's not given herself much time, but it's all cut out now and I know she was keen to get started. Ooh - I wonder - maybe I could subcontract my homework to her...

Yesterday was a Leyton Orient day. REALLY busy as they were playing Millwall, and it was nearly a capacity crowd but it ended in a 0-0 draw so no problems in the end. Right that's it, I'm off to update the Art Van Go blog next, then I think it's a chilly walk in the sunshine!


  1. Enjoy your walk Gill! Lovely tassels by the way.

  2. Love those tassels! It's a bright, sunny day here too. Good luck with the craft sale! x

  3. You look every inch a rock chick, vintagerockchic!!

    Of course, 'vintage' refers to your love of materials with a recent past, yes?? So young......(sigh).....

    I love your tassels - my colours -and enjoying reading through your blog.

    Good luck with the coursework/crafts various/craft fair, etc.

    Not surprised we had a 'live convo' in Cambridge (Borders) yesterday - you are zany, too!

    (I signed up for feeds about five minutes ago - aaagh! I will have even less time for beading, sewing, repurposing those wool sweaters, etc..)

  4. Hello Minnie! Glad you were able to find me here and it was so lovely to chat to a 'kindred spirit' yesterday in Cambridge. I am definitely going to have another go at felting jumpers.
    Thanks for all your good wishes and good luck to you too! x