Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The O's in the Snow

Just got back from a lovely few days in Norfolk with my family. Spent a day with my sis, with her trying to teach me crazy patchwork - I think she was despairing of me in the end. It seems I'm a bit too slapdash even for CRAZY patchwork. As yesterday was my Mum's ??th birthday, we went out for lunch - it makes a change for us all to look presentable (and I'm speaking mostly for myself here) so here we are all tidied up and ready to go out. The one who isn't me, and isn't my parents, is my baby sister. Incidentally if she's reading this, she can call off the search party for my glasses case - I found it in my bag - sorry!
After lunch, I then had to drive straight from sunny Norfolk to rainy Leyton (through a bit of a hail storm on the way) as Orient were playing at home to the MK Dons last night. Just before the start of the match there was a terrific clap of thunder and it started pouring with rain, which, during the course of the match turned to hail, then sleet, then snow (so much for global warming). By the time it was over (yeah yeah, we lost again 2-1) it was a real blizzard, which got worse and worse until the snow was settling on the roads, and even the main A roads were transformed into one lane. And just to prove I'm not making it up -this is a picture of my road when I eventually got home just after 11pm.It looks beautiful this morning though - the sun is shining and I don't think the snow will be hanging around for too long. Good excuse not to go anywhere, but instead to sit and finish my homework and then start on crafty things for the fairs in November and December.

Now that I've read this back - it's more of a weather report than a blog, isn't it?


  1. You scrub up very well!
    Your Mum looks well. Thought 'CRAZY'
    patchwork would be right up your street.Will you stop with the homework already you are putting me to shame.

  2. Look at you all glam! Can't believe that snow... few miles up the road and all we got was ten minutes of sleet.
    PS Keep putting Pam to shame with the homework!

  3. The snow looks so pretty - there's nothing in the blogging rules to say you can't include some weather in your blogging!

    You look lovely - I hope you all had a great time.