Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Now it's next week!

Another week has flown by!

It's not like I've done anything. Well, apart from two days working for Art Van Go at the Knitting and Stitching show, a seven mile walk on Sunday, and two gigs in London. That's not counting half a dozen walks into town - at least two of which were to run errands I'd forgotten to do on the previous trips. And before anyone says I'm getting forgetful - it's not that, but I've decided that my personal hard drive is full, and I need to delete some of the useless stuff that's stored there!

So .. Thursday was the first day of Knit and Stitch at Alexandra Palace - this is just before opening, the calm before the storm!

And this is shortly after opening:
This is Jane who was demonstrating for us - she's a bit shy! And this is Kevin - who clearly isn't!

Please don't anyone tell him he's got odd shoes on - he thinks it makes him look hip and trendy!

And finally Viv - who will hate me for this!

On Saturday, I managed to nip off to have a quick look at Ruth Issett's exhibition before the show opened. And I think I may have discovered where she gets the inspiration for all those beautifully bright colours - she's obviously looking at the world through rose tinted champagne glasses - and this was half past nine in the morning!! Maggie Grey was clearly encouraging her - these bohemian artists must all be the same!

Seriously though, Ruth's exhibition was fantastic - such wonderful use of colour and pattern - it just makes you happy to look at it. If it was music it would be the Beach Boys, or Teenage Fanclub, or The Delays (depending on your era) - all summer and sunshine. My photos can't possibly do Ruth's work justice, but in case you didn't see the exhibition - here's a taster

I only worked two days at Ally Pally this year - we were busy non-stop as usual. It seems that people have decided to take their money out of the banks and invest in art materials instead!

On Sunday, as we were promised good weather, I went for a long walk around Much Hadham, taking a footpath through the Henry Moore Foundation gardens - and just to prove it really was sunny:-

It was a lovely day - (hotter here than Barcelona, apparently) and a great opportunity to enjoy what may be our last day of sunshine this year. Didn't see many other people out and about - presumably they were inside watching the omnibus edition of Eastenders.

Monday night I went to the Roundhouse in Camden to see Elbow - had a really good night- although my photos weren't up to much -And last night I went to a tiny venue at Highbury to see a young band from Paris - King of Conspiracy. Really different and with so much energy - glad I caught them before they're famous.
Anyway, I guess all this explains why I didn't quite finish my City and Guilds homework in time for today's class. Must try harder ......


  1. Crikey, you have been busy! Thanks for the photos - it all looks so wonderful at the Ally Pally show.

    Wasn't last weekend lovely, weather-wise?


  2. Homework excuse accepted... I can't believe how you fit it all in or where you get the energy!

  3. Please note that I didn't have a glass in my hand!

    Interested in your Elbow gig - I've just downloaded the album and am playing it while stitching. Were they good?

  4. Yes - I now believe what people said before I gave up my real job -where did I manage to fit it in??
    I love the new Elbow CD - had a great night at the gig, although think Id have chosen a different set list. I suppose I'm just not used to such "mellow" gigs!

  5. Thanks for the lovely pics of the K and S show - I didn't get there but have always wanted to. Your energy is enviable and I am sure you will soon catch up with your C&G work. In these days of doom and gloom in every news bulletin we need MORE art materials to see us through!