Sunday, 5 October 2008

STOP PRESS - more cooking!

I completely forgot - I've been cooking again! This is becoming a nasty habit. I made some Tomato, Apple and Celery Soup from a Delia recipe. (Well, I didn't do all the messing about with greaseproof paper that the recipe demanded, I just chopped the stuff up and chucked it in a big pan with vegetable stock - you can take all this cooking nonsense TOO seriously you know) Anyway, it's really lovely - definitely tastes like soup. Probably made all the tastier by the fact that the apples I used were from the Queen's garden at Sandringham. My parents brought them down last weekend - the apples that is, not the Royals.

Mum and Dad live quite close to Sandringham, and - much as we've tried - we've never been able to stop my Dad from going scrumping. And he looks so innocent.....


  1. Lovely picture of your Dad! The soup sounds delicious - really fancy a bowl right now!

  2. Oooh, I've made that soup - it's lovely isn't it?

    Your dad looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - I can't believe he'd go scrumping! x

  3. My Dad IS lovely - the benchmark by which all other men are measured (and invariably fail)
    Kitty - I've left a message on your blog - I'd love to find out how you made the photo montage - it looks really good x