Sunday, 19 October 2008

I think I got away with it!

Had another great day on Wednesday at my C&G course - working on Whip Stitch, Feather Stitch and Cable Stitch. Really scarey stuff, - had to loosen the bobbin tension and everything!! I hadn't realised there were so many different machine embroidery stitches.
Fortunately I didn't get detention for failing to complete my homework, and I am absolutely determined to get it all done before next class in three weeks' time. Consequently my living room looks like there has been a minor explosion - but I'm not putting my machine or fabric etc away until I've finished it. If, no, WHEN I finish it, maybe I'll post a picture.
Last night the band that I manage - Sweet Sister - had a gig in a local pub. I was a bit worn out beforehand, having worked at Leyton Orient all day (they lost again - to Tranmere Rovers) but once I'd got ready and gone out I livened up. Didn't feel QUITE so lively this morning though - I keep forgetting that the pubs don't close at 11pm anymore.

Fortunately, quite a few people turned up to support them, so we've got another booking in three weeks' time.
For anyone who is interested, I've set up a blog for Art Van Go now, (I've got so much time on my hands, I really needed another little job!) so I'll include the link iin case you'd like to have a look.


  1. The band looks fun - don't know where you find the energy! Art Van Go blog looks good too!Looking forward to seing the homework ;)

  2. Thank goodness you are working tomorrow or I will never catch you up
    on the homework front. Band piccies
    look good.Nice work on AVG blog.

  3. Great news that the band have another gig. I'm off to check out the Art Van Go blog now! x