Friday, 24 October 2008

Home, work and homework

You'll be glad to know that I have (more or less) managed to catch up with my C&G homework. I decided to treat it like a proper job, so by 9am on Monday morning I was sitting in front of my machine, ready to start stitching. All went according to plan until a friend popped in for coffee - but then even at work you're allowed a coffee break, aren't you? After coffee, I carried on working until 3pm so achieved a fair amount - but the samples are not particularly photogenic at the moment - bit like me really - so they will remain under wraps.

I was working at AVG on Tuesday - which was fortunate as Frances Pickering was running a workshop on Textured Treasures. I was very envious as they were making beautiful little stitched books - but at least I got to pop in now and again to see what they were doing. I can't believe how much laughter was going on - surprised they got any stitching done at all.

On Wednesday - after a quick and painless visit to the dentist - I went to visit one of my many cousins - really good to see her and we took her new whippet cross puppy (that is a whippet crossed with something else - I don't mean he was angry or anything) out for a walk in the sunshine. On the drive back I remembered a nearby patchwork shop "Just Between Friends" in Station Way, Buckhurst Hill - so I just had to call in and have a look around. Bought some really nice fabric, and another stash of rick rack braid - my sister says you can never have too much rick rack (or is it ric rac??) and I guess she must be right.

All absolute essentials - I'm sure you'll agree. I think I was quite controlled.

Thursday I was teaching my 80 year old pupil Edie with her stained glass patchwork. The trickiest bit seems to be working out in advance the order in which to stitch the bias strip, so that most of the joins are covered up and you don't have too many folded pieces. Anyway, it's still a work in progress but Edie was happy for me to photograph it at this stage.

Can you see what it is yet??? (said in a Rolf Harris voice if you can manage it)

I'm going back there next week, so hopefully we will get it finished then - but it will definitely be done in time for C......... mas (I'm not saying it yet, not until November at least.

Right, now off to do a bit more homework......


  1. Unsure whether I was an intended recipient of this but I have enjoyed reading it. Life after retirement exists obviously. Knitting and cooking. Great muffins, keep it up.

    Pilates! I wouldn't recognise you now.

  2. Oh well done on the restraint shown in the shop - I bet you drooled a lot though?

    And well done for not mentioning the 'C' word too - it's shocking how people are bandying it around like it's only a few weeks away :-O


  3. I'm so impressed by all this mention of homework! The cross whippet made me laugh out loud!

  4. OOh mystery - I wonder who boringoldf*rt is - can I have another clue please ????