Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Week in Brief

Oh dear - a week has gone by with no update. It's been a busy seven days - working at AVG on Monday and Tuesday, then the second session of my City and Guilds course on Wednesday. We had another lovely day - this time we took our sewing machines and did some free machining. The samples I've done so far aren't particularly photogenic, but when I have done my homework (mustn't lag behind - teacher might be reading this!) I will post some if I think they deserve it!
On Thursday I was a bit of a visiting tutor myself, helping a lovely 80 year old lady called Edie with some patchwork. She is partially sighted but that hasn't stopped her buying a super new machine and trying free machine embroidery, and now stained glass patchwork. She is really lively and is a great inspiration. Hope I still have her love of life and enthusiasm when I'm 80! Oh, and she'd like to meet a man - so if you know of any lively 80 year old men .....
Friday was Pilates, which really seems to be helping my back - I recommend it if you suffer with yours - then in the evening I went to help my friend Rosie (coincidentally also my Pilates teacher, and the singer in Sweet Sister, the band I "manage") to recover her sofa.
(That is, we were making a new cover for it, not rescuing it from kidnappers or anything)
Yesterday I was working at Leyton Orient - they drew 2-2 with Scunthorpe. I think the result could have been slightly disastrous, had they not been assisted by the fact that Scunthorpe's goalie was sent off in the second half. Then made a mad dash back home, (obviously observing all speed limits) to get ready for the County Hall Cricket Club Dinner and Dance. I didn't get in until 6.15pm, and was showered, dressed and ready to go out by 6.45. How's that - from Match Day Loggist to Babe in 30 minutes. Not bad for an old bird.
Had a great night dancing to a load of old records (obviously an 'age-appropriate' disco). Although if my gig mates ever find out that I was dancing to Take That - I will never live it down!
Tonight I'm off to a Green Onions evening - Ska and Reggae - in Hertford. Diverse musical tastes or what?


  1. Ha! This is your tutor reading. That is what I call a busy week - you sure you've got time for homework?

  2. I am taking my inspiration from you! Just about to start on homework - it's not as if I can copy from Pam on the bus, is it? x

  3. Gill! I cannot believe what a domestic goddess you have turned into. Very impresses with blog page too!! x x

  4. For impresses please read IMPRESSED!! doh